Mary-Kate Olsen on Samantha Who?

Jeers to Mary-Kate Olsen for her lifeless guest shot on Samantha Who?

The tabloid-magnet waif moped her way through her role as Natalie, a thief befriended by Christina Applegate's titular amnesiac in a community-service program. Olsen's low-energy line readings did nothing to distinguish Natalie from the other wan troublemakers she's played recently — Hunter Parrish's pothead girlfriend on Weeds and Ben Kingsley's skanky makeout partner in The Wackness. (At least Mary-Kate's keeping busy; does her twin Ashley even act anymore?) 

Granted, Samantha Who's writers didn't give her many jokes, but you'd think Olsen would know how to score at least one laugh from her years growing up on Full House. Did she learn nothing from Bob Saget? 

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