Tina Fey and Will Farrell

Cheers to Saturday Night Live for bringing back yet another beloved alum for its Thursday-night election specials.

Hot on the heels of Tina Fey, Chris Parnell and Bill Murray came the hilarious return of Will Ferrell as George W. Bush. "I have chosen to schedule this impromptu address at night because quite frankly, every time I speak during the day, the stock market goes into the crapper," the lame duck explained. Dubya was joined by Fey's Sarah Palin and Darrell Hammond's John McCain, who couldn't escape the incumbent's kiss-of-death endorsement: "A vote for John McCain is a vote for George W. Bush."

At this point, the only way SNL could top itself would be to bring back Chevy Chase's Gerald Ford for an encore pratfall.

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