Rachel Maddow

Cheers to Arianna Huffington for giving us one more reason to appreciate the genius of Rachel Maddow.

Sitting in as guest host of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show while the titular anchor took a well-deserved post-election break, the Huffington Post-mistress was a stiff, awkward slave to the TelePrompTer. Even with her first guest, Bill Maher — an old friend of Huffington, whose TV-pundit star rose when she was a loose, funny panelist on his show Politically Incorrect (remember her "Strange Bedfellows" segments with future would-be Senator Al Franken?) — she came across as a slightly befuddled robot. Huffington proved it's not so easy to make a seamless transition from guest to host, a feat Maddow has pulled off with wit, charm and aplomb. Come back soon, Rachel!

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