Chris Parnell 30 Rocked SNL's debate.

Cheers to Lorne Michaels for bringing back a beloved Saturday Night Live vet for this year's Thursday-night presidential-election sketches. No, not Tina Fey — I'm talking about Chris Parnell.

No one's better at playing venerable newsmen like Jim Lehrer and Tom Brokaw than the two-time SNL alum. Parnell can wring big laughs from deadpan facial expressions and dead-on vocal impressions alike. Since his stint on ABC's sitcom Miss Guided was shamefully short-lived, he's got plenty of time to visit his alma mater.

Now, Lorne and Tina, how about bringing back Parnell's delirious 30 Rock quack? Paging Dr. Leo Spaceman!

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