Kenny Johnson here, subbing for Bailey Chase. I'm going to blog the "Moooo" episode of Saving Grace because the plotline surrounds Hasidic Jews, and I found it fascinating.

Here in L.A., I live in the middle of the Hasidic community and have always been curious about the outfits, the sideburns, their beliefs, etc. So in preparation, I watched a two-hour documentary to gain a better understanding of their lives.

For our characters, Oklahoma City cops, Hasidism is very foreign as well. Michael Lerner (Barton Fink) guest-stars the Rebbe, the one that everyone goes to for everything. He sets people with jobs, marriages... pretty much everything in their world, and that was very interesting to explore.

Artie Mendelberg directed this episode and his brother-in-law acted as a consultant. Since they are both Jewish, it was very helpful to have them for reference.

Filming the episode was fun. Very different, but really cool.

I also had my first child in the middle of filming this episode! On May 7, at 4:16 am, Angelica Scarlet Johnson came into the world to play, and it was amazing. Holly [Hunter] was awesome, as was everyone. I missed three days of sleep but kept working. They were kind enough to rearrange the schedule to give me a little time. Everyone at work later surprised me with printed pink T-shirts that said "Welcome, Angelica."

Please enjoy this week's episode!


TNT's Saving Grace airs Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET.