Wade Williams, Prison Break

The end has finally come for Bradley Bellick. His momma is crying salty tears. At least he finally made a selfless choice in the end. I'd like to thank Prison Break's Nick Santora for writing Bellick such a heroic demise.

I have to say I won't really miss Brad. It was tiring playing such a self-centered, unlikable character. For me as an actor, the traits of a character I'm playing can bleed over into my psyche and attitudes, especially when I play a character over a long period of time. That goes for the positive and negative traits of the character. And that was certainly true of Bellick. It became uncomfortable being the whiny naysayer, the out-for-himself momma's boy, the sadistic prison guard. Good riddance, Brad!

In every episode of Season 3, while we were in the Panamanian prison Sona, Bellick was getting beaten, ridiculed, starved, stripped naked, beat up, tortured or just ignored! Not to mention he was wearing hideous "tighty whities" and MC Hammer tiger pants. During this time, I developed a twitch — my whole body would jerk randomly. I'd be at home watching PBS Sprout with our daughter and I'd be full-body twitching! It was weird. I believe it was from all the stress playing such a tortured, unlikable, helpless character. About two weeks after we stopped shooting during the writers strike, the twitching stopped! Funny thing, I started twitching again when we began shooting Season 4 in May! And ever since Brad died about a month ago, the twitching has disappeared!

Although I won't miss Brad and the twitch, I will certainly miss working with the wonderful cast and crew of Prison Break. That goes for the crews in Chicago and Dallas as well as the one here in Los Angeles. It was a great pleasure working with such a dedicated and generous group of people. I am also grateful to the writers for writing such great stuff for Bradley. It's been a wonderful experience and a gift to have the opportunity to go so many different places with Bellick. What a fantastic character arc!

Many thanks and heaps of gratitude go to our producers Gary Brown and Kevin Hooks, for all the good will, help and support.

I'll especially miss Wentworth [Miller]; he has been very kind to me and I have enjoyed his sense of humor and fun. He is a lovely person and he has been the engine pulling the weight of this show from the beginning. Prison Break's success is largely due to him.

I've seen in the comments some posts from some long lost friends! I hope you all will get in touch with me. Please write to me at the following address:

Wade Williams
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I'll write you back!

I've had a little over a month off and I am glad to have landed another gig. I am off next week to shoot a movie called Hatteras Hotel. It's an independent film about a small town on the coast of Massachusetts. I will play a sheriff who tries to solve a mystery. This time I am playing a faulted man who's trying to change his life for the better. I think it's gonna be great.

Thanks for watching Prison Break and reading my blog. Follow your bliss and the best of the best in the future!