We are in Montgomery Alabama and this week is about the Jordan family and their service to a community. When it comes mom Monica, her service comes from a very tough place. She¹s lost two children, one child to drunk driving and another to domestic violence. She has taken that grief and all that goes along with that, losing not one child but two, and has turned that into a very positive thing for the city of Montgomery Alabama. She is an advocate, teaching people and counseling people who have gone through the same thing.

One of the things that makes Monica so special is the fact that she has forgiven. Something that many people aren't able to do. But she has and with that she has found peace to be able to be that ear for other people to come and talk to. And that is so important.

This week I¹m going to focus on the grandkids, Miles and Tay Tay. Miles lost his mother Falashada when he was three years old to domestic violence so he really does not remember his mom and Tay Tay, who lost his father William to a drunk driver when he was six years old, so here we have two cousins sharing not just the same room but sharing the same bed. One is 11, one is 15. That is no way for these boys to live so one of the things we certainly are going to do this week is give both of these boys both Miles and Tay Tay their own space.

Joining use in our efforts to build a loving and safe home for this family and spread awareness is our wonderful builder and a great man, Jake Aronov and his entire crew from Aronov Homes. These guys made the impossible happen and were able to alleviate so much burden from this family¹s shoulders and allow them to both heal, and help others to heal.

Besides building the Jordan¹s a house this week I think one of the most important things we could do for Monica¹s work is be one more voice out there to talk about drunk driving to talk about domestic violence. These are things that sometimes are talked to behind closed doors but after learning the how many are affected and talking to folks about this, we need to be that voice this week.