Hello, Superstars!  The competition is heating up, and I am the last girl celebrity standing! Yay!  Bode and I are in the final four, and our competitors are Max/Kristi, Julio/Brandi and Lisa/David.  Since we only have four teams left, the competition changes from two events to three events before the obstacle course.

Thank you all for your encouragement and your good wishes!  I feel them all the way over here!  Wish you could all be here cheering us on! But you are, in spirit. And for those of you who sent scrutiny about last week's episode — ouch! One thing you may not know is that we don't know what event is coming up next until the event starts.  So we didn't know that we were saving our strength for bowling! Ultimately, we didn't have to go face elimination at the obstacle course, so any way you slice it, our strategy worked!

I write to you sitting on my balcony at the lovely Atlantis resort. I'm overlooking our same view, this time just inside the room since my computer was out of power.  There are two cruise ships in the distance, and many smaller ships making their way to and from the harbor.  It's a beautiful yet windy day here, which seems to be the usual.  That sums up my view to the left.  My view to the right, however, is slightly different!

Today I'm getting a sneak peak at our next event — a jet-skiing course! It's a zigzag slalom through buoys out in the ocean.  We got to try out the jet skis this morning.  They are actually Sea-Doos with 256 horsepower and 1500 cc's — whatever that means.  In layman's' terms, they're fast!  It's got half the horsepower that my car has, but it's much lighter and with no seat belts!

Bode was hitting it hard during practice, and caught a wave and went flying.  He looked like Superman!  There were a couple of times that I almost got thrown off, too, but I held on for dear life — and I probably wasn't pushing it as hard as the boys!

After that, we got the opportunity to practice archery.  Now here is definitely something I've never done before.  We had a coach, Phil, who taught us each personally how to do it.  What I did learn is that Bode has a bow at home — yay! Although he was telling me that his was a compound bow and these are regular bows, and there is a big difference, etc.  Well, since I never picked up a bow before, I was like a sponge.  I listened to every word Phil had to say.  Through all of this, we are on a beach by a jetty, subject to gusty winds once again.  It's so hard to shoot straight in high winds!  Also, since I'm double-jointed in my little arms, my elbow sticks out right in the place where the string releases after you shoot an arrow.  Doesn't seem like it would hurt too much but wow, it did!  My whole elbow is black and blue and swollen.  Everyone kept telling me to stop doing that with my elbow — but little did they know that's the way my elbow goes.  For the competition, I'll have to find a way to keep it out of danger's way.

After a long day of practicing, I decided to take some time off and headed over to Dolphin Cay to swim with the dolphins.   It was so much fun!  You don't get a very long time with them, but the time I did have was great.  We got to give them a kiss, a hug, and swim with them.  There was even a point where their little dolphin nose pushed my foot on a boogie board. They are such magnificent creatures. These particular dolphins were rescued after Hurricane Katrina, when a local sanctuary here was destroyed.  Thanks to Atlantis, they are happy again — and I was extremely happy to play with them.

So based on practice, you can guess what our first two events were - the water craft event and the archery event.

Our day started with water craft.  I was feeling pretty good about the event, and even though I was nervous, I didn't have the crazy butterflies like usual.  You give me something with speed and power (and where I don't have to use my own leg power) and I'm good.  But I also learned from the bowling that you can never get too comfortable.  There were two courses set up, and we drew numbers to see who would be in the first heat.  We drew No. 2, which put us up against Brandi and Julio.  We learned that Julio has a Sea-Doo at his house in Miami!  Ugh.  The point of this race was to have one partner start, do the course, bring it back to shore, hop off the craft, run (or swim depending on how close you got to shore) to the transfer line, switch the key with your partner, and then have your partner run and jump on the craft, start the Sea-Doo and race the course.

We decided that I would go first, up against Brandi.  I was doing really well, staying ahead of her through the entire course.  As soon as I passed the last buoy, I held down the throttle, went as fast as I could to shore.  That's where I left her in the dust.  I jumped off the craft, ran to shore and switched keys with Bode.  Julio was not far behind, though.  Bode took off, didn't hit any crazy waves, and headed back over the finish line for a win! Yay!  That meant, we have to race the winner of the next heat.

Kristi and Max went up against David and Lisa.  David was great on this, but Lisa was timid.  Lisa went first against Max and they finished pretty close.  When David went to hop on the craft, it wouldn't start.  He went up to the executive producer and demanded a rematch.  After much hemming and hawing, they decided to let them race again, and this time, they would not have to turn off the engine.  They raced again, but Max and Kristi still beat them.

That meant we had to face Max and Kristi to determine 1st and 2nd place.  One of the courses was a bit longer just because of the way the shore was, and unfortunately we got the longer course.  Boo.  I was up first against Max.  I took off out of the gate, and had a flawless run, splashing water up around every turn and racing back to shore.  Bode hopped on that craft and was instantly off.  It was one smooth motion, but Kristi was not far behind him, and since we had the longer course, it was dicey.  Bode was doing great and around the last buoy, he hit a wave.  He almost flew off!  But he didn't, and he headed back to shore for — the win? The loss? Will this be the first time we take first place in this competition?

We headed off to lunch and to change into some dry clothes for the archery event.  Instead of a bull's eye, with several circles on top of one another, getting smaller towards the center, they separated each circle and put them next to each other.  You could try for 2 points (a huge target) all the way up to 10 points (a small target).  The 6 seemed to be the safe bet.  Each person was given five arrows to shoot.  The total would be added together and the team with the highest combined points would win.

Many of the teams were attempting to take it safe,  aiming for 6s — a wise decision if you ask me.  When it was my turn, I consulted my partner.  Although my aim was pretty good and I could have hit the 8 target, we decided to go for the 6 and be safe.  I hit all five! That gave us 30 points.

The order was reversed for our teammates.  Since I was the last of the first round, Bode had to go first.  We decided to play it safe and have him hit 6-pointers.  He hit them all, putting us in first place with 60 points.  Then we just had to wait it out and see with the other teams came up with.

There were ups and downs and teams got close to us, but did anyone beat us?  I can't tell you how we placed, but I can tell you that they threw in another event!  Up next — rock climbing!  You'll just have to watch and see how that turned out.

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