This week we meet our last family of the season to shoot our finale, and what an amazing and fitting story to close out another great year. We are in Indianapolis, Indiana to meet the McFarlands: Bernard and his three boys, Domonique, Curtis and Courtney.

Bernard McFarland is a pillar of this community, and he's an amazing father. He's raising his three boys on his own in a house that's pretty much falling down around them. He makes sure his sons are busy, that they're busy in school, and in church, in sports and in the community, as well as being a mentor to other children in the Indianapolis area. Bernard takes it upon himself to arm the neighborhood with the tools to make the right choices. He educates them, he stimulates their minds, he lets them know what is good what is bad, he encourages them to open a book and expand their minds. But it's really a place for him. I want him to be able to teach a class full of people, or sit one on one with somebody who needs a talk.

The problem is that the kids of this community really have nowhere to go after school, nowhere to stay involved and to stay focused and off the street. Well, Bernard's goal is to provide just that, but he doesn't really have a place to do it. He's been running the Pack House two thousand, which is a place to mentor kids. To provide them with books, a place to hang out, and most importantly guidance and mentorship. So this week not only are we building them a home, but we're building them a new library. It's the new Pack House 2000, a place where he can continue his goal of mentoring these kids.

This week I'm working on the Pack House library, and to me it's a place where Bernard can continue to do what he does best. And that's give back to the kids of the community. So I'm gonna fill it with books. It's gonna have chairs and desks and books and bookcases, but it's really a place for him. I want him to be able to teach a class full of people, or sit one on one with somebody who needs a talk. I want it to be sort of a convertible space, if you will, where the desks being moved to one side, you could have a party, you could have a dance, you could fill the room with kids reading, whatever.

Bernard's been able to help so many people from his old house, but now with the new library, Pack House 2000 will live on. With all of the educational tools, and the books, and the technology that I'm putting in there, these kids will be able to expand their horizons to new levels. When we build a home for a family, not only do we change that family's lives but we actually change communities too, they come together to build that house for this family. Now that's happening this week but it's mushrooming. It's getting bigger than that because we're taking care of this whole community, we're planting over a thousand trees, and with Motorola technology, we're providing wireless internet access to the entire neighborhood and giving over 100 laptop computers. We're fixing up houses all up and down the blocks. We're cleaning the alleys and the gutters. We're making a difference in this entire neighborhood. As we are doing all these wonderful things, I have to tell you, it's thanks to our wonderful and generous builder Paul Estridge of the Estridge Companies. He and his team were able to not only plan and execute the building of the house and the library, but they also had such a passion for this community, their community, that they insisted that we take on one of the most ambitious community rehab projects in the history of the show.

Bernard McFarland is an amazing person, and he's proof that one person can make a difference. He has and he does. We were fortunate this week to be able to help him out, to give them a new home, to build him Pack House 2000, and give him the tools to continue to succeed. Those kids who look up to him and the smiles on their faces, that's the reward he gets, but with what we've been able to give him this week is just the beginning.