Mike Senese

What would you do to save a 50-inch HD plasma TV from falling 55 feet onto a bed of 6-foot tall steel spikes? Not to mention that the TV is being blasted by flamethrowers until the rope it's hanging from breaks, causing the fall? Start coming up with some ideas, because that's this week's challenge on Catch It Keep It, where three builders race the clock to build something that can stop their prize from being completely annihilated.

Some TV-saving possibilities:

1. Parachute: If it doesn't catch on fire first. Burning parachutes are never good.

2. Huge pile of mattresses: Great, unless the TV bounces off and smashes on the pavement.

3. Jetpack attached to the bottom of the TV to help lower it down slowly: Badass, but really, do you know how to do that?

As you can see, it's not that easy. That's the fun of Catch It Keep It!

One of the most common questions in the Catch It Keep It forum is how to be a participant on the show. Our contestants range from NASA rocket scientists (actually, that guy might be able to do the jetpack solution) to muscle car enthusiasts to construction foremen and carpenters. Most everyone has experience building things, but even if you're just a great designer with a solid will to win, I'd recommend participating in the forums with your thoughts and suggestions. It's the fastest way to get the attention of the people that matter when the time comes to find more contestants.

If you just can't wait, you can always play your own version of Catch It Keep It. This is best done at work, where the stakes are high and the contestant pool is wide. Here are the easy instructions:

(Disclaimer: we are not responsible for anyone silly or insane enough to actually try this. Remember, we're trained professionals using proper safety precautions on a closed set.)

1. Pick a contestant. Best bet is someone who hasn't arrived to work yet

2. Take that person's absolute favorite pen and go to the roof of your office

3. Tie a rope around the pen and connect one end of it to something affixed to the roof

4. Dangle the pen over the edge of the roof. VERY IMPORTANT: make sure it's an area that isn't above a sidewalk or the boss' car in the parking lot

5. Leave a note on your coworker's desk to meet you on the roof

6. When he or she arrives, explain that they have until lunchtime to come up with a way to keep their pen from being smashed to pieces

7. At lunch, countdown from 10 to 1 and then snip the rope with scissors, dropping the pen

8. Be prepared to be fired immediately, punched in the throat, or sent to Guantanamo Bay

Tune in on Friday night at 10 ET/7 PT to see how the contestants try to save their TV. Also, congratulations to my co-host and CIKI master of ceremonies Zach Selwyn on the birth of his new nephew!