Aldis Hodge

Hey, TV Guide. Leverage is back with another heater for you guys.

In this week's episode, "The Double Blind Job", the Leverage team works against a crooked pharmaceutical company on the verge of releasing a lethal concoction in the form of a new wonder drug all for the pursuit of money.

This mission was brought to our table by a girl (Katie Lowes) whose sister was a victim of the drug. We take her case and, unbeknownst to him, Hardison takes her heart which puts Parker in a very odd position - it's the first time she realizes that she may actually have feelings for Hardison. Wonder what this means for the two of them...

We had a great time filming this episode. Katie Lowes was a great guest star and her character got up close and personal with the team - we've never let a client get this involved. This will be a very fun episode for you guys.

Catch you later.