Hey everybody.  I hope you all enjoyed this week's episode.  That was actually the second episode we shot, and I remember thinking most of the time, "Am I back to being the same old Hardison?" It's tough trying to get back the old rhythm sometimes, because we move at such a fast pace that we don't really get to see playback until ... well, until the episode airs. We get it when y'all do, but we have such a great time rocking them out that we just kind of go with the flow. 

We're more than halfway through shooting the season, which is sad and good — sad because the end is near and good because we will have accomplished another great season and we have a third to look forward to (keep our fingers crossed). But we are still having a ton of fun in the meantime. Like last Saturday, when I invited a group of folks from workout to see a singer perform — we all had a blast.  The musician's name is Kristina Rae; she's a sexy soul singer who plays guitar and has a ridiculously amazing and powerful voice.  She knocked all of our socks off, and, if you ask me, she's the next big thing in music.  We couldn't stop raving about her the next day at work. Y'all can check her out here.  I hope she throws up a few YouTube vids soon — believe me, this girl is the truth.

I'm not sure if many of you know this, but we have a new addition to the Leverage fam for a few episodes. Jeri Ryan has come on board to play and, fellas, do I really have to say it — she's hot and she does a great job. Trust me, guys, she's definitely someone to watch.  And ladies — dare I say it — there just may be a shirtless Hardison moment in the future. In the meantime, we are still cooking up better and better scripts (love the writers), so get prepared. And there just may be a few fan faves from Season 1 returning, so keep your eyes open.

Until next time, peace people.

A. Hodge