Aldis Hodge

This week's episode of Leverage is nothing but a fun ride, guest-starring "Mr. Dukes of Hazzard" himself, John Schneider. He comes in to play a mean, greasy record company CEO stealing people's dreams, when in real life he couldn't be farther from that. He was such a great guy to have on the set and off, as he ran around the city of Portland with the lot of us. He came with such professionalism and spirit.

It's going to be a great episode for the fans. We all got back into our western side for this one. Tim is in a stetson, Gina is in leather, Beth is the cutest cow-girl you ever did see, Kane has a guitar and a microphone (you know what that means) and me? Well all I can say is "tight Levi's," ladies.

Have fun with this one yall. Can't wait!