Kenneth Johnson, Saving Grace

This week's episode of Saving Grace (Tuesdays at 10/9 CT, TNT) — "Am I Going to Lose Her?" — was a really grueling and crazy experience for me. It involved running, stress, panic, running, fear, adrenaline, more running, and feeling like I was going out of my mind.

At the beginning of the episode, we lose our Grace when she chases after a possible kidnapper and rapist and then disappears. It's weird when you have to pretend to lose a loved one to someone like that. That pushed a lot of buttons for my character, Ham. I even had to smoke for the role — and I hate cigs.

Our director, Millicent Shelton, had recently done an episode of 30 Rock, and came to us because Artie [Mandelberg], one of our executive producers, loved her tape. We shot deep in the valley, and I was so sore for four days straight, from sprinting so much.  Of course Bailey [Chase], Greg [Cruz] and I are really competitive with all that stuff. It felt different to shoot without Holly [Hunter], but our journey was like a locomotive train. I think you'll love it.