Chris Harrison

I want to start this blog with a little homage to Patrick Swayze. I know a lot has been written and said since his death Monday afternoon. I will just add this, Point Break, Roadhouse... thanks Patrick. 

I wasn't sure how the blog thing would work, but I love that you can leave your comments below. I agree with those of you that love Jon Cryer and, yes, the duck man will always live on. Jon really is a great guy, and you might be surprised to find that he's a pretty darn good athlete. I did the Malibu Triathlon with him last year, and he whipped my butt. 

As for the few of you that took the time to say you don't enjoy red carpet shows, I say this to you: Give Carrie Ann and me a chance to change your mind. I think you haven't liked these types of shows before because the right questions weren't being asked. Our show is going to be a great partnership, and when it's over, you'll hopefully be left with the feeling that you just hung out with a couple of friends on the red carpet for a couple hours. If you watch our show and still don't like it, I promise to send you a full refund for the price of your ticket. 

It's been a very busy week for Carrie Ann and me, but it's been a blast. Monday, we started with our first full production meeting. I learned Carrie Ann doesn't like to eat while she works. Funny, I can't work unless I eat. Tuesday started bright and early with a radio tour. This is where you sit in your pjs in your house and do about twenty radio interviews with morning shows around the country. Here's a little secret: I do these interviews while sitting in my pantry so I wont wake up my family. So if I seem distracted it's because I'm reading the ingredients on the Lucky Charms with more magic mini charms. 

Tuesday we also held our first full rehearsal. This is actually pretty funny as we have fake celebs with full fake interviews. I loved my fake interview with the fake Tina Fey; it was fake genius. After rehearsal, I had to hustle home because I'm coaching my kids' soccer teams and they both had practice. The Emmys are important, but not nearly as important as how the Crushing Cobras or Strawberry Shortcakes do this year. This morning Carrie Ann and I continue the press rounds with an appearance on the local KTLA morning show here in L.A. Then back to TV Guide Network for more production meetings and rehearsals. 

Tonight we have a cocktail party with a bunch of bloggers to promote our show. I mean, really, what kind of person sits around blogging about things like kids soccer and Lucky Charms anyway? As you may have noticed in today's blog, I haven't gotten much sleep this week. 

Carrie Ann is back tomorrow and I'll be back Friday with one last pre-Emmy blog. Continue to leave your questions or comments below as I will read them all. As usual, you can always find me on Twitter @chrisbharrison and on Facebook.

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