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In honor of his birthday, today's blog will focus on our favorite leading man, David Conrad, who will celebrate his birthday on Monday, Aug. 17!

When we first started casting Ghost Whisperer we searched high and low for the perfect actor to play Jim, but this soon became quite a challenge! In fact, we were four days into shooting without a Jim and we needed to shoot the wedding scene the next day! We just couldn't find our guy. We tried to keep the staff calm as we continued our search for the right actor to play opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt. After all, rumor has it that when the producers shot Gone with The Wind they had already burned down Atlanta before they cast Vivien Leigh, so we knew we'd find him eventually! Then, in walked David Conrad. With those piercing blue eyes, handsome looks and acting chops to match. We knew we had something here. We hired David the night before the wedding shoot, he came in the next day and the good news is the tuxedo fit as well as the role!

Then of course, last season we all got to witness the strength of David's acting as he portrayed two very different men: Jim Clancy and Sam Lucas. The fans could feel the smoldering attraction between Melinda and Sam as David worked convincingly and effortlessly to portray a man who couldn't understand why he was so attracted to a woman he'd just met.

Of course, it's easy to understand why we, and you, are so attracted to David when you consider that his zodiac sign is Leo. Leos are dominant, creative people who are natural born leaders with positive, strong wills. Just as the lion is the King of the jungle, a Leo exudes an animal magnetism that makes others want to support and be near them. This is very true of our David. He's a natural born leader on the set, and keeps the cast and crew focused. He takes his acting seriously (after all, he did graduate from Julliard) and always comes to work prepared and ready to give 100 percent on each take. Happy Birthday, David! We hope your special day is magical!

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Now, on with the show! Tonight's Ghost Whisperer episode is "Delusions of Grandview" (417). Just as Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) goes way out on a limb by agreeing to show Sam/Jim (David Conrad) what she actually does, a bizarre and dangerous case falls in her lap.  It appears that an elementary school is haunted by its former residents — the dead inmates of the insane asylum that once occupied the same building decades ago. Melinda and Sam's delicate new bond is stretched to the breaking point when Melinda is finally forced to tell him the truth about where his strange memories have been coming from — and who he really is.  

Delusions of Grandview" was written by Executive Producer Laurie McCarthy and Co-Executive Producer Mark B. Perry. It was directed by Sundance Film Festival nominee Jefery Levy.

This episode guest stars: Academy Award nominee Michael O'Keefe as Dr. Byrd (The Great Santini and Michael Clayton), Darby Stanchfield as Greer Clarkson (Castle and Mad Men) and Mark L. Taylor as Doug Clarkson (Boston Legal and Saving Grace).

Musically, this episode features Choice Music Prize and Meteor Music Award nominee Lisa Hannigan's hit song "Ocean And A Rock" (ATO Records), U.K. chart-topping band The Script's "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" (Sony BMG) and indie artist Sara Haze's song "Life Beyond."

Hope you'll check in with us next week!

Kim & Ian