A graphic novelist's livelihood — and life — are threatened when a vengeful ghost takes over his pen, using it to predict violent events that start to come true. "On Thin Ice" is very special episode that takes you into a world Ghost Whisperer has explored on multi platforms (comic books, graphic novels, interactive DVD special features, on-line assets, Comic-Con, etc.), but NEVER explored in a TV episode. On April 2, Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) will experience the spirit world like you've never seen it before — through a haunted graphic novel that comes to life. You won't want to miss this stunning all new original episode guest-starring Margaret Cho!

In "On Thin Ice," Ghost Whisperer's Emmy nominated visual effects team has created a unique digital world that pushes the envelope to new levels rarely experienced on network television. As Avatar has moved feature films into the 21st Century, Ghost Whisperer has done the same for television. The Ghost Whisperer visual effects team (headed up by Armen Kevorkian and Art Codron) has succeeded in breaking new ground in "On Thin Ice", far surpassing their Emmy nominated work on Ghost Whisperer's "Ghost in the Machine" episode.
"On Thin Ice" was written by Co-Producers Melissa Blake and Joy Blake. It was directed by Executive Producer Ian Sander. The art featured in the show is by graphic artist Gabriel Hardman.
This episode guest stars: Margaret Cho as Professor Avery Grant (Drop Dead Diva); Eddie Shin as Damon (Castle, Navy NCIS); Nathan Halliday as Shane (CSI, Cold Case); Cole Williams as Collin (Entourage, Heroes); Eve Gordon as Mariah (Medium, Grey's Anatomy); Dwier Brown as Jeff (Criminal Minds)
Musically, this episode features "Don't You Know You're Beautiful" by Seabird (EMI Christian Music Group); "Safe" by DoubtingParis; "Falling Stars" by Latch Key Kid; "Radio Edit" by Car Stereo Wars (Greg Records); and "Crazy Ride" by Michelle Branch (Warner Bros.) For the Ghost Whisperer "On Thin Ice" play list this week, please visit http://www.myspace.com/ghostwhisperer.

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As part of our Total Engagement Experience, we continue to give Ghost Whisperer you a unique bridge experiences by creating original content for the web. In the Ghost Whisperer haunted puzzle, a vengeful ghost takes over a graphic novelist's pen. Complete the slider puzzles successfully to discover predictions from the Spirit World of events to come.
In preparation for the on-line posting of the award winning web series, Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side IV, Jamie Kennedy reunited with The Jamie Kennedy Experiment cast mate, Kasey Wilson to do a one-on-one interview about her experience with ghosts on The Other Side IV. You won't want to miss this hilarious piece.  The Kennedy/Wilson interview will be posted on April 9 on cbs.com.  Additionally, the launch of Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side IV web series will be April 9 on cbs.com. There's much more to come (behind the scenes segments, talent interviews, photo bucket interactive assets, etc.) on the Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side IV front as we move closer to launch date.

Ghost Whispering is our weekly video blog in which the Ghost Whisperer cast, writers, directors and crew share behind-the-scenes insight into upcoming episodes. This week, co-producer Melissa Blake and actor Margaret Cho talk about writing the graphic novel themes and dynamic visual effects that are showcased in "On Thin Ice." To view, please click here.

Comics on Comics Radio spoke to co-producer/writer Joy Blake and graphic artist Gabriel Hardman about their work in "On Thin Ice." Click here to listen!

This week in our ASK MARY ANN blog, Ghost Whisperer's real-life ghost buster Mary Ann Winkowski talks to some of you who have seen ghosts in your homes. Click here to join Mary Ann at the intersection of the living and the dead. And, if you have questions about ghosts, e-mail Mary Ann at ghostwhisperertv@gmail.com.

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Costume designer Dorothy Amos has done it again! The Ghost Whisperer commemorative bracelet she designed is the latest buzz of celebrity style and Ghost Whisperer blogs everywhere. Ghost Whisperer fans can show their love and affection for the spirit world...with the Ghost Whisperer I.D. bracelet. To see a video clip of the bracelet, please click here. To order the bracelet, please visit http://cbs.seenon.com/.
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A few things about our stars:

On Monday, April 5th, be sure to check out Jennifer Love Hewitt on Chelsea Lately at 11 pm ET/PT.  
Great News! Jennifer Love Hewitt's Book, "THE DAY I SHOT CUPID" debuted at No. 8 on the NY Times bestseller list. YAY, LOVE!!! To order online, click here. Please also check out these video clips from Love's book tour:
Joy Behar Show.
Fox NY.
Inside TV.

David Conrad (Jim) will narrate a performance of Aaron Copeland's "A Lincoln Portrait" at the Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall on Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 2 pm. To purchase tickets online, please click here.

Check out Camryn Manheim (Delia) as she reads children's books aloud with "Story Online," an online streaming video program presented by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. Camryn reads "Enemy Pie" by Derek Munson. For more details, visit www.storylineonline.net.

Jamie Kennedy (Eli) goes on a college road trip with his comedy tour! He'll be at Washington University on April 8th and Molloy College on April 26th. For more dates and tickets, visit www.jamiekennedy.com.  
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