Hi, everyone!

We have a really electrifying and cool episode for you this week, "Ghost in the Machine"/Ep. 403.

In this show, Melinda makes contact with a spirit from within Ned's computer game, and enters this virtual world in order to protect a teenage girl from an online predator. This is one of the most exciting and visual effects heavy episodes we've ever done. We shot all of the virtual scenes in front of an enormous green screen and handed it over to our VFX team. They created an intricate new world of heightened virtual reality, complete with futuristic buildings and virtual games that come to life. The show also contains a large amount of stunt work – we have Jennifer Love Hewitt fighting and flying through the air.

The episode guest stars James Immekus (Grey's Anatomy) and Vanessa Marano (Gilmore Girls). Musically, we feature "Red Umbrella" by Grammy-winning artist Faith Hill (Warner Brothers Records) and "Pony (It's Okay)" by Eric McCarley (Universal Republic Records).

We created a number of behind-the-scenes features for this episode. Our Evolution of an Avatar video highlights the creation of the virtual world and features interviews with the team responsible for the episode. This week's Helmet Cam video gives us a tour of the green screen set, and shows Jennifer engaged in some stunt work. We've also created a fun piece, our "Ghost In the Machine" trailer. And you can check out our music video featuring the most romantic moments from Melinda and Jim's past.

As always, thanks for watching,


Kim & Ian