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Hi guys,
An all new GHOST WHISPERER broadcasts tonight and this is the episode that you don't want to miss.  It turns up the mythology of Season 5, big time.  
In "Lost In The Shadows" Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Jim (David Conrad) grapple with the classic parenting dilemma of the bad seed playmate -- but in their case their son's playmate is a ghost.  The dilemma turns into a crisis when Aiden (Connor Gibbs) disappears, led away by the young ghost (Madison Leisle).  Melinda, Jim and half the town go into overdrive searching for the lost boy, few understanding that behind the story lurks the malevolent hand of the Shadows...  

P.K. Simonds and Laurie McCarthy did a brilliant job of writing "Lost In The Shadows"! And, Kim had a blast directing the episode.  

For all you train and travel aficionados, this episode represents the first time that any production has shot in Griffith Park's Travel Town during the past decade — it's a fabulous, daunting world that Ghost Whisperer is opening up to viewers this week.  Check out Travel Town yourself by clicking here. BTW:  we're quite sure with all the history in that place (train cars that were pulled out of the San Francisco bay, for example), it's a haunted place.

This episode guest stars:  David Clennon as Carl the Watcher (The Philanthropist, Callers), Sean O'Bryan as David Miller (Lie To Me, Flash Forward) and Jenni Blong as Linda Miller (Big Love, True Blood), and the amazing Madison Leisle as Julia Miller (The Mentalist, Grey's Anatomy). Madison (Julia) and Connor (Aiden) were the dynamic duo when we were shooting this episode — these two very young actors were so focused and sweet.   Of course, Love, David, Camryn, Jamie and Christoph delivered in spades by throwing themselves into the emotional journey of finding a missing child.

Musically, this episode features "Up Up & Away" by Shelly Fraley and the very powerful "Float Away" by Lindsey Ray. For The Ghost Whisperer playlist, please click here.

As always, in the theme of this week's episode, we continue GHOST WHISPERER's TOTAL ENGAGEMENT EXPERIENCE by inviting you to join in the GHOST WHISPERING with our video blog series.  Ghost Whispering takes you behind the scenes with our cast, writers, directors and crew as they share everything they know about our ghost world.   Check out P.K. Simonds GHOST WHISPERING about the new mythology— you're in for some real surprises here; check out Kim GHOST WHISPERING about a childhood experience that inspired her, as a director, on  "Lost in the Shadows"

We encouraged you to go toe-to-toe with the spirit world through our new online game  "Catch a Shadow" announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Your mission?  To search for hidden shadows located throughout our online assets and report back your findings. How'd you do?  We were amazed at how many of you joined the search.  The top 3 shadow catchers were:
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In this week's ASK MARY ANN blog, Ghost Whisperer's real-life ghost buster Mary Ann Winkowski gives valuable insight on how to determine if your deceased loved one is hanging around you + second chances at love. To view her advice, please click here: Send your questions to Mary Ann, email her at

You have one last chance to catch up with Mary Ann Winknowski while she's out on book tour ("The Book of Illumination: A Novel from the Ghost Files.") She'll be at Borders Express Parmatown Mall on Sunday, November 29th at 1 p.m. Make sure you tell her we sent you.

Heads up— the GHOST WHISPERER haunted locket is on fire.  If you're curious click here.

Don't forget to mark your calendars:

Jamie Kennedy (Eli) will be an announcer for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade next week.
Our young Connor Gibbs (Aiden) will participate in the Power of Youth fundraiser on Saturday, December 5th. Proceeds benefit LA's BEST (Better Educated Children for Tomorrow) and the Starlight Children's Foundation.  Be sure to stop by — Connor knows a thing or two about the 'shadows' and the 'shinies', so be sure to ask!
Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda) will lend her voice to the CBS Holiday Special "Yes, Virginia". The animated half-hour feature will premiere Friday, December 11th at 8 pm on CBS.
David Conrad (Jim) will be the narrator for a performance of "Aaron Copeland's A Lincoln Portrait" at the Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall in Pittsburgh on Sunday, April 11, 2010.  

Finally, we would like to wish everyone an early Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours. Please check out our Ghost Whisperer Family album and have a safe holiday!

As always, thank you for watching and check us out next week!

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