Ghost Whisperer is back with a series of all new episodes that drive us right into the season finale, and we're so excited. Make sure you tune in every Friday night from today through May 21st — 8:00pm ET/PT on CBS.

We hope you love tonight's episode in the new block of originals as much as we do. It's titled "Lethal Combination." Spring is in the air in Grandview, and after working really hard over the past couple of weeks, Jim decides to surprise his beloved Melinda with a romantic date night. But there's a new ghost in town and it's got something else in mind for Melinda. Beware! Haunted nanny! After this mysterious ghost spools out clues to Melinda about a neighborhood nanny who's very up close and personal, Melinda must unravel a twisted relationship that reveals a haunting secret history. The theme of the show is universal to all of us — trusting the person you let care for your child when you need help. What is the history of that person and how is that going to affect my family? The saying, "the hand the rocks the cradle rules the world," is so true.

Speaking of hand that rocks the cradle, we are thrilled for Sandra Bullock. Congratulations on your new baby, Sandy. Good for you! We at Ghost Whisperer wish you the very best.
"Lethal Combination" was written by consulting producer Stephanie SenGupta and Steve Gottfried. Congratulations Stephanie and Steve for doing such a terrific job on the script! And, thanks P.K. and writing staff for your help along the way. This episode was directed by Kim. She had a great time on the sets directing the cast, and working with the writers and crew. It really is a joy working on Ghost Whisperer! We did experience a few hauntings — a little creepy, but fun. It's hard to be scared of being haunted while standing in the middle of 100 members of the crew! Speaking of crew, production designer Mayling Cheng and costume designer Dorothy Amos: Hats off ladies. You, director of photography Jim Chressanthis and the crew did a fabulous job.

There is a stellar cast in "Lethal Combination." The episode guest stars: Erin Cahill as Kelly (Boogeyman 3, Saving Grace); Catherine Dent as Laura (The Shield, Criminal Minds); Samantha Bailey as Emily (The Young and the Restless, Criminal Minds); Jay R. Ferguson as Gil (Easy Money, Sleeper Cell); Kirsten Nelson as Sarah (Psych, Eli Stone); and Deidrie Henry as Dr. Mavis Boyd (Three Rivers, Southland)

We've talked about the very talented Danielle Barbe (Glass Bones Records) earlier this month. And now we have a wonderful update. In this episode, we're featuring Danielle's powerful song "Ghost Town" on the music tracks. Danielle wrote and performed "Ghost Town" with her band and she is definitely a rising star. If you haven't checked her out, you must by clicking here. Not only is Danielle's song featured in this episode, it's also going to be featured in Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side IV Webisode No. 7 which we'll hook you into when it's posted. You may remember, Danielle performed at the Ghost Whisperer 100th Celebration in March which you can check out on her blog. The song "Ghost Town" was sent to us by Dominic Roncace who comes from the music world. Thanks, Dom! We loved the song for Kim's episode, tracked down the artist only to discover that Danielle's mother, Tina Sarkus, went to grade school and high school with Kim back in Donora, Penn. Danielle, Kim, David Conrad and our ABC Studios Development Executive who developed Ghost Whisperer with us, Nicole Norwood, are all from the area. Small world! Thanks everyone from back home in the Pittsburgh/Monongahela Valley for all your amazing support on Ghost Whisperer! FYI: There are a few other embedded surprises in this episode for the people from that area. Keep a close eye on the screen "Lethal Combination."

Continuing on the music front, "Lethal Combination" features "Out Tonight" by Lemon Sun; "So Far, So Long" by Alexander Cardinale; and You Make Me Happy" by Lindsey Ray. For The Ghost Whisperer "Lethal Combination" music play list this week, please visit

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