We have an all new original episode tonight, "The Children's Parade," which was written and directed by John Gray. It is filled with suspense and the emotion of Melinda at the intersection of the Living and the Dead. You won't want to miss it and here's why: As Melinda investigates a poltergeist in the hospital in which Jim works, the mystery touches on a much bigger source of danger, and a final showdown looms with the forces from the dark side of the spirit world which threaten Melinda and her family.

"The Children's Parade" was written and directed by creator John Gray. He dedicates this episode in memory of his mother, Betty Gray (1924-2010), whom he loss during the filming of this episode. We're sure you join us in sending John lots of love and thanking him for doing such an amazing job on the show.
This episode guest stars: Billy Unger as Pete (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Desperate Housewives); Joey King as Cassidy (CSI, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody); Tammy Townsend as Jacqueline (Sherri, Lincoln Heights); George Wendt as George the Plumber (Family Guy, Saturday Night Live); Asante Jones as Stuart (Strong Medicine, Dexter); Peter Holden as Darren (Scrubs, 24); and Rebecca McFarland as Joan (Saving Grace, Two and a Half Men).
Musically, this episode features "There For You" by The Undeserving (Warner Bros) and lots of great original score by Mark Snow who's been nominated for 8 Emmys — two of them for Ghost Whisperer.  "The Children's Parade" music playlist, please visit http://www.myspace.com/ghostwhisperer.

We're sending a Ghost Whisperer shout out to our special guests during the shooting of this episode: Carolyn Sesvold (Chicago, Illinois), Dominic Richardson (Atlanta, Georgia) and Ryan Hollis (Seattle, Washington). We thank you all for your 'spirit' on the Ghost Whisperer sets.  Check it out here.
Additionally, we want to thank all the child actors involved in "The Children's Parade"  — you did a fabulous job! And we loved working with each of you. As you know, Ghost Whisperer has a long-standing tradition of featuring child actors in our episodes and every one of them has been a trooper. To check out the kids on set of "The Children's Parade," click here.

For electronic artwork on "The Children's Parade" (EP. 522), please click here.

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-Guest choreographer Shanda Sawyer gives insight into Ghost Whisperer's "young ghosts" during the filming of "The Children's Parade." (FYI:  Shanda also choreographed the Ghost Whisperer episode in which Mary J. Blige starred.) To view, please click herehttp://bit.ly/GW522Sawyer.

It's here! Check out the final webisodes —  Webisodes 8 plus bonus webisodes 9 and 10 of Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side IV at http://www.cbs.com/ghost. Sponsored by GMC Acadia, Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side IV is inspired by e-mails from fans wanting to know more about the ghost world. As you know, the previous 7 webisodes are also posted.

Of special note: In webisode No. 10, Mary Ann Winkowski gives a great show-and-tell on how you can ghost-bust your house.

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Here are the latest projects for the Ghost Whisperer cast:

Check out Jennifer Love Hewitt's (Melinda) new PSA supporting Mikey's Way Foundation — a charitable non-profit organization that helps pediatric cancer patients. To view, please click here.

David Conrad (Jim) stars in the independent film Follow the Prophet, a masterful piece about polygamy. For more information on this award-winning film, visit http://www.followtheprophetmovie.com.
Don't miss Jamie Kennedy's (Eli) comedy tour, coming to a city near you! For more info, visit www.jamiekennedy.com.


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