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Thank you so much for all the helpful feedback on last week's Ghost Whisperer episode and this upcoming ALL NEW ORIGINAL EPISODE, "Dead Ringer". We've been reading your comments on TVGuide.com and YouTube, and many of you seem intrigued by the "tease" at the end of last week's episode, in which Mel and Jim are arguing. No worries — it all leads to a deeper, richer relationship. And, what happens after a fallout in the strongest of relationships? More romance, of course. Even in the best romances there's conflict. (Ian and I can personally vouch for that as we are not only business partners, we're also married.) What's great about Jim and Melinda is you all seem to be in love with them being in love. Everyone at the network, the studio and Ghost Whisperer loves you for loving them — there is a lot more to come on the romance front.
@CariGastwirth, @emily_90 and @xxlauraxx: Thanks for your postings. We were glad to hear from you! It's amazing to all of us at Ghost Whisperer that you're taking the time to track what's going on in the show. We truly appreciate it. @GwhispererCrazy: so glad you liked Ep. 520. Next week, Carl's back with ghostly insight! Join us, won't you?

In tonight's episode, a routine haunting turns very strange when a man, whose ghost Melinda is trying to help, suddenly turns up alive. Melinda finds herself caught in a bizarre and dangerous revenge plot, battling enemies she didn't know she had. "Dead Ringer" features special guest star Michael Graziadei (Young & The Restless).

"Dead Ringer" was written by Co-Executive Producer Mark B. Perry and Consulting Producer Stephanie SenGupta. Ian executive produced and directed it. His challenge in this episode was working with one actor playing dual characters. Michael Graziadei did a fabulous job meeting the challenge. Thank you, Michael!

If you recognize Michael Graziadei, who played Kyle and his twin, it's because you see him on the Young and the Restless day in and day out.  He has a huge following in that show. And he also was in 90210. Other guest stars in "Dead Ringer" are Stephanie Lemlin as Gale (Kung Fu Panda, CSI); Will Shadley as Boy Seth (Chowder, Dirty Sexy Money); Timon Kyle Durrett  as Sheriff (Samantha Who?, The Young and the Restless); and Randolph Montooth as Allen (One Life to Live, As the World Turns). Lots of talent from daytime soaps in this episode. Lucky us!

Musically, this episode features "It's Me" by Helen Austin; "I Just Realized" by Matt Wertz (Handwritten Records); "In Front Of Me" by Greg Laswell (Vanguard Records); and original score by the oh-so-talented Mark Snow. For our Ghost Whisperer "Dead Ringer" music play list this week, please visit http://www.myspace.com/ghostwhisperer

For Electronic Artwork on "Dead Ringer" (EP. 521), please click here (http://s237.photobucket.com/albums/ff82/jclancy922/?action=view&current=artCard521FINAL.jpg ).
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As you know, GHOST WHISPERING is our weekly video blog in which the Ghost Whisperer cast, writers, directors and crew share behind-the-scenes insight into upcoming episodes. This week, executive producer Ian Sander, who directed this episode, clues you in on the mysteries of shooting Ghost Whisperer. To view, please click here (http://bit.ly/521IanSander ).
BONUS VLOG: Guest star Michael Graziadei reveals his real life ghost encounter. To view, please click here (http://bit.ly/521Graziadei).

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Go behind the scenes on GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE IV and learn how visual effects director Bill Rude created ghost magic with Daisy's shoes as they fly through the air. To view, click here: (http://www.cbs.com/primetime/ghost_whisperer/video/?pid=SHTcHHLrQz3dKWorUrjvMOIauNe3Ehca&vs=Default&play=true )

This week in our ASK MARY ANN blog, Ghost Whisperer 's real-life ghost buster Mary Ann Winkowski, explains how to identify if the spots in your family photos are spirit orbs (http://ghostwhisperer.tumblr.com/post/587360801/ask-mary-ann-521 ).
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