Before we begin, we'd like to send our heartfelt prayers to the families of the 29 miners lost in the West Virginia mining accident. Our deepest condolences from everyone at Ghost Whisper to those touched by this tragedy.
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When the Tyler family moves into a new home, Meg (Kasey Wilson) and her husband James (Mark Lutz) discover that, not only is their house haunted, but the veil between the living and the dead is getting thinner by the minute. Their lives are turned upside down when a wild ghost named Bo (Mark Knudsen) forms a disturbing bond with their daughter Daisy (Hailey Sole). Meg and James must join forces with Ghost Whisperer's real life ghost buster and consultant, Mary Ann Winkowski, to try to rid their home of dark spirits before it's too late. This exciting webseries is written by Kim Moses (The Surgeon, Profiler) and directed by Larry Carroll (Peacemakers, Red Skies). Ghost Whisper: The Other Side was created by Kim Moses and Ian Sander and is produced by SLAM INTERNET.
GMC returns as the exclusive sponsor of the fourth season of the award-winning webseries Ghost Whisper: The Other Side, highlighting the GMC Acadia, which is woven organically into the storyline of the webisodes, as well as into the new gamisode format.
Ghost Whisper: The Other Side IV is the first production to use the Canon 1D Mark IV as its primary camera. This Hybrid Digital Still camera provides the high quality look of film and unparalleled low light performance. The small size and extensive lens choices make it ideal for production of digital media content and the picture quality it delivers guarantees a superior on-line viewing experience.

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Now, onto the show! Classic Episode 504: DO OVER

When Jim (David Conrad) brings home an antique surgical clamp from the hospital, he brings home more than he bargained for. Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Aiden (Connor Gibbs) are both visited by a ghost surgeon who is reliving a failed surgery, and tormenting everyone around him with his guilt.  Making matters more complicated, a ghost is terrorizing the hospital morgue, and there may be a connection between the two. Meanwhile, Delia (Camryn Manheim) contends with a mysterious secret admirer, whose identity shocks her in the end.  
"Do Over" was written and directed by Ghost Whisperer Creator John Gray.

This episode guest stars: Bryan Batt (Mad Men), Mike Farrell as Bill Jett (M.A.S.H, Desperate Housewives) Christine Estabrook as Evelyn James (Law & Order, Desperate Housewives) and David Barry Gray as Roger (Touched By An Angel, Medium).

Musically, this episode features "All I Want" by Fountainheads (DaWorks Records), "Chances" by Five for Fighting (Aware/Columbia), "Holding Onto You" by Olivia Broadfield (Vagrant Records), "Ooh Wee" by Sharon Little (CBS Records) and independent artist Jason Diaz's song "Lies For Truth."

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Mark your calendars for the Ghost Whisperer season finale, The Children's Parade, which will air May 21st! In the meantime, check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes of 522 photosfrom filming.

@GhostWhispererJimel, thank you for the beautiful fan letter and videos you sent in! We are touched by your loyalty to the show (never missed an episode) and your extreme talent! The videos you created are amazing! Our personal favorite is the lovely tribute to Aiden. Thank you and continue to keep up the great work! We encourage everyone to view your page and check out your artistry!
The following are highlighted GHOST WHISPERER PRESS ITEMS this week --
In case you missed it, check out Jennifer Love Hewitt's interview on Chelsea Lately and Bonnie Hunt.

The book Jennifer Love Hewitt authored, THE DAY I SHOT CUPID: HELLO MY NAME IS JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT AND I'M A LOVE-AHOLIC opened at Number 8 on the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER'S LIST. Congrats, Love!  To get in on the buzz, click here.
Check out Camryn Manheim (Delia) as she reads children's books aloud with "Story Online," an online streaming video program presented by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. Camryn reads, "Enemy Pie" by Derek Munson. For more details, visit
Jamie Kennedy (Eli) goes on a college road trip with his COMEDY TOUR! He'll be at Molloy College on April 26th. For more dates and tickets, visit
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