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It's basketball time, and while Ghost Whisperer won't be on the air for the next two Fridays due to the tourney, we wanted to touch base with you on the latest GW news. But first and foremost, please, please, please make sure that you're buzzing about the episodes that you're watching. We truly care what you think and how you're feeling about the season. Episode 517 "On Thin Ice" is coming up next. Ian directed the episode and it is visually stunning — it takes you into the world of comic book artists in a very unique way. And, of course, it's a tip of the hat to all you Comic-Con fans. (We'll catch you in San Diego this summer!) Be sure to check out "On Thin Ice," Friday, April 2nd at 8 pm on CBS. You won't believe it!
Speaking of Comic books, thank you to everyone who voted for THE MUSIC BOX, which was nominated for the category of Best Celebrity-Created Comic Book in the Comicpalooza Fandom Awards. Our own Jennifer Love Hewitt (GO LOVE!) is the mastermind behind this beautifully haunting series. Comicpalooza will take place March 26-28 in Houston.
Kim's been in the editing room working on an episode that she directed about a haunted nanny. You won't want to miss it. Be sure to tune in to "Lethal Combination" on Friday, April 30th.

As always, we enable you to interact with the Ghost Whisperer world by providing our TOTAL ENGAGEMENT EXPERIENCE. So, here goes:

IS YOUR HOUSE HAUNTED? Our award-winning webseries, GMC ACADIA/CBS sponsored Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side IV will help you figure this out. On this front, we've enlisted a little help from our friends from the spirit world: real life ghost buster, Mary Ann Winkowski + Ghost Whisperer's beloved ghost from the Dark Side, Laughing Man and a new spirit named Bo who brings a unique dynamic that mixes it up with the ghost rules like no other. You can check out the first installment of The Other Side IV starting April 9 on cbs.com. As we've been prepping and shooting the webisodes, we've experienced some strange "goings on" behind-the-scenes that can only be explained as ghost-related paranormal activity!  More on this and the cool interactive The Other Side IV games as we get closer to post date.

All of us at Ghost Whisperer were thrilled and honored by the support that we received from all of you during the 100th episode celebration. Here's a Ghost Whisperer Helmet Cam video letting you know how our stars feel. And, here's a peak behind-the-scenes at our helmet cam dude.
When we were in Vegas with Love to see LOVE the show, a woman approached us to say that she and her friends — all cancer survivors — get together every Friday night to watch Ghost Whisperer because it gives them hope. We were all so touched by this. And since then, we have heard from many other cancer survivors who do join together on Friday nights. We send all of you lots of love and good wishes and we want to thank you for supporting the show. And along those lines, we send a special shout out to Stand Up To Cancer, which is a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate collaborative translational cancer research and save lives now. Laura Ziskin is a founding partner and a driving force behind SU2C; Laura served as executive producer of the live SU2C September 2008 special, which raised over $100M for cancer research. She has produced hit movies including the Spider-Man trilogy and Pretty Woman, and twice produced the Academy Awards. To learn more, please visit http://www.standup2cancer.org/.

How did Jamie Kennedy's (Eli) real-life parents react to their son working with his ghost parent on the show? Click here on GHOST WHISPERER'S STARS' FAVORITE MOMENTS to find out.

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This week and next, you'll be hearing a lot about Jennifer Love Hewitt and the book that she authored, THE DAY I SHOT CUPID: HELLO MY NAME IS JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT AND I'M A LOVE-AHOLIC which hits book stores on Tuesday! To pre-order a copy, click here. And check out our Ghost Whisperer Widget for book tour information and talk show appearances.

We're getting sneaking up on the date that David Conrad (Jim) will narrate a performance of AARON COPELAND'S A LINCOLN PORTRAIT at the Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall -- Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 2 pm. Click here to purchase tickets online.
As always, thank you for your support and we'll check back in with you next week.  We look forward to reading your posts.


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