We've all experienced our fair share of chain letters (or now emails) that warn us to pass a message on to 10 people in order to receive good luck or to avoid bad luck. But what if you receive one that predicts something far worse? Would you risk it or dismiss it?
That is the predicament for this week's episode, "See No Evil". Melinda investigates a haunting behind a threatening chain e-mail that has gone viral in Grandview and is preying on people — and their worst fears.  The case strikes close to home when the emails begin showing up in the mailboxes of people closest to Melinda -- and causing hauntings violent enough to put people in the hospital.  

"See No Evil" was written by Consulting Producer Jeannine Renshaw and directed by Emmy Award-Winning Director Eric Laneuville. The episode guest stars: Gigi Rice as Paula (Army Wives, Frasier and George Lopez) Inbar Lavi as Brianna (The Closer), Jerry Shea as Steve (Cold Case, Veronica Mars and Scrubs) and Derrick Williams as Stan (Numbers and Chappele's Show).  
Musically, this episode features Meese's song "Next in Line" (Atlantic Records), Will Dailey's "Never Be Your Baby", and Meeting of Important People song "I Know Every Street" (Authentik Artists, Inc.) For the Ghost Whisperer See No Evil MUSIC PLAY LIST this week, please visit our MySpace page by clicking here.

This week's interactive game is a nod to our newest addition to the show, Aiden! This is a fun remake of an ageless childhood pastime, Simon Says, which many of us experienced growing up. Follow the pattern of glowing light — except in Ghost Whisperer Says, you have to see if you can go toe-to-toe with the Spirit World. Click here to start: www.gwfansite.com/gwsays.
ALL NEW: ghost expert Mary Ann Winkowski addresses the visions of a woman who believes she's seeing spirits in "Ask Mary Ann." To ask your own question of Mary Ann, please email her at GhostWhispererTV@gmail.com .

Now, on with the show!
Kim and Ian