The cast and crew are back from a nice holiday hiatus, and we're refreshed and ready to crank out more exciting episodes of Ghost Whisperer for you to watch Friday nights at 8 pm on CBS. 2009 culminated with Jennifer Love Hewitt directing our 100th episode, which is scheduled to air March 5th. 2010 will commence with a mysterious new episode for you to watch this week! "Dead Air" will allow you to see a different side of Christoph Sander as he plays Ned Banks and gets into more than his share of trouble on campus at Rockland University.
This week in "Dead Air," personal secrets are broadcast across Grandview radio airwaves when a ghost haunts the station where Ned (Christoph Sanders) and some college friends work. The punishment is spread widely as the unseen ghost exacts revenge for a death that resulted from one of the station's more popular shows. Fortunately, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) comes to Ned's aid to track down the ghost before someone else gets hurt.

"Dead Air" was written by Executive Producer Laurie McCarthy and Co-Executive Producer Mark B. Perry; it was directed by Gloria Muzio.

This episode guest stars: Kadeem Hardison as Dean (Everybody Hates Chris, Made of Honor, A Diff'rent World), Megan Ward as Daisy (General Hospital), Jillian Bach as Maggie (Julie & Julia, ER) and Brady Smith as Jack (The Mentalist, Shark).
Musically, this episode features "In My Place" by Coldplay (EMI); "Guilty By Association" by Josh Auer; "Plans to Move Ahead" by Jayson Belt; "The Covinas" by Go West Young Man (One Cell Records); "Brighter Days" by Colin Armstrong; "Maybelline" by Zaac Pick (Small Space Music); "Wonderful Surprise" by Shawn Hlookoff; "Cheap Thrill" by Bec Smith; "Why Oh Why" by The Melloncollies (Somme Music); and "Everything" by Rob Blackledge (One Revolution Entertainment). For The Ghost Whisperer DEAD AIR MUSIC PLAY LIST this week, please visit http://www.myspace.com/ghostwhisperer.

As part of our Total Engagement Experience, go online and interact with Ghost Whisperer's "White Noise" to test your abilities to decipher spirit voices embedded in electronic devices  (i.e. radios, TVs, computers). To check out this fascinating way to talk to the dead --, otherwise known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) -- click here.

GHOST WHISPERING is our weekly video blog where the Ghost Whisperer cast, writers, directors and crew share behind-the-scenes insight into upcoming episodes. This week, our own Christoph Sanders (Ned Banks) provides a sneak peak into his hefty role in "Dead Air." To view, please click here.

You may recall the stylish Ghost Whisperer Skeleton Key Keychain we mentioned to you during Halloween. Be sure to check it out on Friday during the show! In the episode, Melinda comes to the rescue of a woman trapped behind a locked door. As she grabs the keys to open the door, this vintage-inspired keychain is featured. To own a piece of Ghost Whisperer, click here.

This week in the ASK MARY ANN blog, Ghost Whisperer's real-life ghost buster Mary Ann Winkowski explains the difference between a deceased loved one coming to you in a dream versus you dreaming on your own about that loved one.   Check out ASK MARY ANN at http://ghostwhisperer.tumblr.com/post/316598363/ask-mary-ann-511. Ask your own ghost-related questions of Mary Ann by emailing her at ghostwhisperertv@gmail.com.

Finally, here are a few updates on the cast and crew:

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been named one of the Hottest Women of Genre TV by Mania.com.
Jamie Kennedy (Eli James) will do a radio tour on Friday, January 8th to discuss "Dead Air." On Thursday evening, please visit our MySpace page for a listing of stations.
Camryn Manheim (Delia Banks) will participate the Fairmont Banff Spring Sports Invitational, benefitting the Waterkeeper Alliance, on January 16th in Banff, Canada.

Be sure to check out P.K. Simonds' blog as he recaps the 100th episode cake-cutting ceremony (more details to come) and pays homage to the brilliant Ghost Whisperer writing department.

As always, thank you for your support. Please let us know your thoughts on Friday's episode and we'll speak with you again next week!

Kim & Ian