Jamie Kennedy


We hope you enjoyed last week's episode, "See No Evil." Wasn't Sally Stitch spooky? It took our make-up department an hour to glue those stitches onto our actors. Now that's dedication to the craft! The cliff-hanger with the little girl at the end will have a lot of significance to Melinda in the near future. Stay tuned!

To Arcania: Nice observation about Ned's ghost comment! As you all know, Ned is in college studying anthropology of the occult, and he's also been spending a lot of time reviewing the Book of Changes. He makes the comment that he believes that there is more in the world than just ghosts that can't be seen. Indeed, we will delve further into this theory on the show in the near future.

In preparation for tonight's episode, warm up your interactive side with the all new game "Ghost Maze" that challenges your ability to maneuver your orb through Grandview's ghostly underground maze. To play, click here.

This week in the "Ask Mary Ann" column, Ghost Whisperer's real life Ghost Buster Mary Ann Winkowski answers questions from a fan that believes her home is possessed by Earthbound spirits. To view Mary Ann's response, click here

In the news, Jamie Kennedy was selected for My Space's "Artist On Artist" interview, and what better artist to have interview him than co-worker Jennifer Love Hewitt! Check out this in-depth interview where they ask each other unique questions you won't hear in typical media interviews.

This week's episode is "Til Death Do Us Start." When Eli's (Jamie Kennedy) father has a massive heart attack, it triggers a messy reunion with Eli's mother who's been dead nearly ten years, but unable to cross over because of a secret she took to her grave. Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is channeling clues from Aiden (Connor Gibbs) that lead her closer to the truth, but only Eli's mother can reveal what has kept her Earthbound. Meanwhile events reunite Eli with a secret crush and old friend of the family.

It was a pleasure to have renowned actors like Barry Newman and Barry Bostwick on set for episode three! The set was a riot with them around and we think you'll agree that there are some very funny moments in the show. This episode is also a mystery. Imagine this: If you had the ability to speak to a loved one who crossed over and they chose not to speak to you, what type of secret do you imagine would keep them silent? Okay, we've already said too much! You'll just have to watch to find out.

"Til Death Do Us Start" was written by Co-Executive Producer Mark B. Perry and directed by Gloria Muzio.

As mentioned, this episode guest stars: Barry Newman as Ray James (The Edge of Night, L.A. Law), Barry Bostwick as Don (Spin City, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit), Debra Monk as Anne (Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order: Criminal Intent) and Christine Estabrook as Evelyn James (Spider Man 2, Desperate Housewives).

Musically, this episode features Nina Simone's "If I Should Lose You" (Mercury Records), Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" (Sony Music Entertainment), Beth Scalet's "In the Daylight" (J-Bird Records), "Title All I Want" by the band Fountainheads (DaWorks Records) and "Hearts That Ache" by independent artist Jason Diaz. To view this week's Ghost Whisperer Music Play List, click here.

We've been reading your comments and many of you have some great theories on what's going to happen on the show Friday night. Let's see if anyone comes close to being right.

Kim & Ian