We'd like to respond to a few fan questions before we get into tonight's show.

To Xxlaurahxx, who asked where do spirits go when they go into the Light? Mary Ann Winkowski, our real life ghost buster, tells us that beyond the Light there is an energy that is different than what's on the plain we're on. Check out the video on Mary Ann's website for more details. Once a spirit crosses over into the Light, Mary Ann does not have communication with them — she can only talk with earth-bound spirits. However, this season Melinda will get some insight beyond the Light. So make sure you check in with us on Friday nights because we think you'll be very surprised with what you learn.

To CriminalMindsChick, thanks for your posting. Good to know. We'll give your input some thought.

To Erin Lee — from the question you posted, sounds like you're interested in the writing process. Many dramatic TV shows (but not all) have a writers' room. Some shows, House is an example, do not operate with a formal writers' room. We know this because David Shore is a friend of ours — he runs his writing staff his own way with his magic and it works beautifully.  The Ghost Whisperer writers' room is traditional in that our writers work in that room every day beating out story lines, character arcs and mythologies. Our writers' room is filled with talented, lovely people (P.K. Simonds, Laurie McCarthy, Jeannine Renshaw, Mark B. Perry, Stephanie SenGupta, Melissa Blake and Joy Blake) who have substantial credits and lots of experience in the biz.

A good metaphor for a writers' room is a baseball team — the best teams have great talent, each with his/her own specialty so they bring different things to the show. Our room is headed up by our wonderful partner, P.K. — he and the writing staff are continually turning out great plot lines and character arcs — lots of pressure in that room to keep topping what they've already done. We are very grateful for their passion and dedication and superb work! The writers work as one strong unit on Ghost Whisperer — they do not operate independent of each other. And, there is lots of give and take with the producers, the network and the studios, as well as our fans.  As you know by now, we pay attention to what all of you are buzzing about online. One thing to remember, on our show, the writing does not stop at the door of the writers' room — it continues through production, on the sets and well into post. Being a writer in this business is a great journey — but also a lot of hard work.

To Jenn_Harris, we are not jumping five years into the future as a ratings stunt. We are doing it because we want to advance the storytelling of Jim and Melinda's life with their new child. It's hard to make an infant active and communicative, so moving forward with a 5-year-old who has a special gift lets us explore the spirit world in a whole new way with Melinda in center of it.

In response to a couple of postings about the 100th episode: We start shooting that episode in December and it will broadcast on February 5th. More details to come!

Check out some of the intricate costumes from Ghost Whisperer episodes that are being displayed at the 4th Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume and Design Exhibit. Click here to view the designs created by our costume designer Dorothy Amos.

Also, Don't forget to check out executive producer P.K. Simonds' blog — he's got lots to share.

In tonight's episode "Ghost Busted" (416), the pressures surrounding Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) build to a breaking point as realizes she's no longer able to hide the secret of her gift from Sam (David Conrad). But just as she's ready to tell him the truth and face the consequences, her plans are ruined by the appearance of a dubious character who bills himself as a "ghost hunter" (guest star Patrick J. Adams). Now she has to team up with Eli (Jamie Kennedy) to help this odd character solve the mystery behind a haunted house, but without associating her genuine gifts with the embarrassing circus atmosphere surrounding the ghost hunter's black hearse ghost-mobile. Meanwhile, Eli and Delia (Camryn Manheim) are forced to tell compounding lies to cover for Melinda — until everything blows up, and the day of reckoning finally arrives...

"Ghost Busted" was written executive producer P.K. Simonds and co-executive producer Mark B. Perry and was directed by John Behring (who's also one of Numbers' favorite directors).

This episode guest stars: Michael O'Neill as Carrie's father (Seabiscuit, West Wing and The Unit), Patrick J. Adams as Linus Van Horn (NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service and Friday Night Lights) and Jenna Leigh Green as Carrie (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Cold Case).
Musically, this episode features MOJO Awards nominee Ray La Montagne song "Let It Be Me" (RCA Records,) UK chart topping band The Script "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" (Sony BMG), indie artists Clifton Castelloe's "Love In A Cave" (NOMA Music) and Rose Rossi's "Hello To You" (Brodsky Entertainment LLC).

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That's all for now. Right now, we're prepping to start shooting our special Halloween show — scary, thrilling and a great way to get into the mood.

Lets reconnect next week right here, okay?

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