Ghost Whisperer

It's that time of year, oh-yeah!
Get ready for next Friday night when you can sip "shocktails" and devour "horror d'oeuvres" while watching a very special Ghost Whisperer Halloween Fright Night that includes tons of Love from the Spirit World. Everyone at Ghost Whisperer is hard at work on Halloween Tricks and Treats. Be sure to check back with us right here on Tuesday, October 27th for our very special blog that will help you close in on the Ghost Whisperer mystery being rolled out on Halloween weekend. In regards to next Friday's all new original episode, we're being asked over and over, what's it all about? House hauntings? Broken hearts and never ending love? Legends and myths? Ghostly equestrians galloping across fog-shrouded countryside's? Vampires on the prowl of unsuspecting victims? To find out for yourself, check right in here on Tuesday for clues and spooky, fun online stuff to do all of next week.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, this week's episode, "Cause For Alarm" was beautifully written by Co-Producers Joy Blake and Melissa Blake and directed by Ian. "I love the opportunity to direct the Ghost Whisperer cast because they're fabulous to work with and the scripts are so well crafted. Anytime I direct an episode, it's a thrill," Ian said.
To create "Cause For Alarm," we took the show on the road to a gorgeous sprawling estate in Malibu. In the episode, the estate is the home of our tortured genius computer wiz Nathan, played by the immensely talented Chad Lowe (24, Melrose Place) who not only acts, but is a director himself. For this gripping episode, our production designer Mayling Cheng and her team built a state of the art panic room where Chad's character goes to feel safe. Unfortunately it's no match for the ghostly hauntings plaguing him.
As Eli (Jamie Kennedy) begins treating a wealthy high-profile client (Chad Lowe) for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and severe paranoia, he discovers the patient has good reason to feel like he's being watched. He is... by a ghost. When Aiden's (Connor Gibbs) emphatic connections sync up with Eli's client, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has personal reasons to track down this ghost, and we take one step closer to understanding Aiden's true powers.
In addition to Chad, this episode guest stars Thea Gill as Amy (Queer As Folk, Dante's Cove) and Elaine Kagan as Rose (Alias, Private Practice). Musically, this episode features "So High" by Quinn Marston, "If Tomorrow Never Comes" by Jayson Belt, "Josephine" by Dylan In The Movies, "Couldn't Stand The Rain" by Mindy Smith (Vanguard Records) and "Inside These Lines" by Trent Dabbs (Ready, Set. Records!). The original score was composed by Mark Snow. Beautiful job, Mark!! For The Ghost Whisperer "Cause For Alarm" music play list this week, click here.
Accompanying this week's panic room mystery is a new interactive game that we've created — give it a try and see if you've got 'cause for alarm' in the spirit world.

This week in our ASK MARY ANN blog (all the responses are personally written by Ghost Whisperer's real-life ghost buster Mary Ann Winkowski), she shares her secrets about channeling spirit-related dreams to get answers to personal life questions. Check it out here. To get your questions answered, please email her at and don't forget to check out Mary Ann as she's featured in a CBS webisode series entitled, "The Spirit of Friday Night" which will premiere Oct. 30 on

Mary Ann will be sharing all that she knows about the Spirit World and Halloween on Thursday, October 29th on a radio station near you! Tune-in to Mary Ann as she talks to the dead.

8:00   KQRS-FM, Minneapolis
8:10   WQAL-FM, Cleveland
8:20   WLRQ-FM, Orlando/Melbourne
8:30   KTBZ-FM, Houston
8:40   KMXP-FM, Phoenix
8:50   KNCI-FM, Sacramento
9:00   KQMV-FM, Seattle
9:10   WBEN-FM, Philadelphia
9:20   KVIL-FM, Dallas
9:30   WOGL-FM, Philadelphia
9:40   WBAL-AM, Baltimore
9:50   WKKT-FM, Charlotte
10:00  WSB-FM, Atlanta
10:10  WRMA-FM, Miami
10:20  WIBC-FM, Indianapolis
As you can imagine, Halloween has always been one of our favorite times of year. Everyone in our Ghost Whisperer world loves the spooky decorations and seeing all the creativity of the costumes that trick-or-treaters wear on Halloween. Speaking of costumes, Ghost Whisperer Costume Designer Dorothy Amos, Costume Supervisor Barbara Inglehart, and their team know a thing or two about creating the most authentic, unique costumes. They've designed hundreds of ghost originals for the show. Lucky for all of us, they've got some insider tips to help you create your own Halloween look.  
Even if your house is not haunted, you'll want to put your keys on this unique Ghost Whisperer skeleton key ring. It's the perfect Halloween give away for your very special soul mates.

Finally, in celebration of Halloween, Ghost Whisperer will host an online Ghost Gallery showcasing our fans in their best ghostly Halloween costumes. On November 2nd a surprise member of the cast and crew will review all of the photos and announce his or her top three favorites via Twitter. Stay tuned for more details!
Post your thoughts and experiences about Halloween — we're dying to hear. And be sure to drop in on our site on Tuesday, October 27 for Ghost Whisperer Halloween Goodies!

Kim and Ian