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Previously on The Face: Naomi's reaction sent Sandra on a tirade during the Christian Louboutin test shoot, inspiring our supermodel to put the rookie in her place.  In the OpenSky campaign, Team Coco tried to get Margaux to speak up, while Team Naomi attempted to win for a 4th time in a row but Team Karolina was having none of that, as they managed to break Team Naomi's winning streak. Meanwhile Margaux and Sandra were put up for elimination and Sandra's out-of-control behavior finally caught up with her.

This week on The Face we kicked off with asking our ladies the public's favorite tabloid question "What's in your bag?" for the test shoot, hosted by Karolina and US Weekly's Jennifer Peros. Now, unbeknownst to our models, these items had been carefully selected from their personal belongings and ranged from a pair of baby shoes, a pair of bunny slippers, to (say what) condoms! The whole point of this test shoot was to let our viewers see how well our girls handled awkward questions.  So Stephanie's painfully awkward description of what a condom is, rather than what it was doing in her bag, was almost as tragic as Jocelyn's dry and dull reasoning for why, at 20-years-old, she has to travel with bunny slippers.  Likewise, Margaux's reasoning for why she had her boyfriend of 10 months' boxers in a bag was completely unsexy and lame.  All this juicy prodding into the girls' personal lives left it to the only non-English speaker to clean up the mess of fumbling beauties; a naturally charismatic Zi Lin woo-ed the panel and won a $2000 bag fresh off the runway courtesy of US Weekly

OMG!  Also, I forgot to tell you; this week we had a double elimination! The campaign was a pressure-filled red carpet event with US Weekly Magazine, where the girls were straight up grilled by none other than Wendy Williams. But let's back it up a minute... the competition on The Face, as we countdown to the finale, is really on; at this point we have tested the girls on almost everything there is to know about becoming the face of a major brand.  As we pointed out earlier in the season, being the face of a brand is as much about the way you look as it is about the way you sound.  Are you charming, knowledgeable and charismatic?  Can you quite literally talk and convey the brand's message on your feet?  Well, to bring them up-to-speed and hone these skills we called on media journalist William Norwich and the legendary Pat Cleveland, who actually taught Naomi how to strut her stuff down the catwalk back in the day.  Billy Norwich straight grilled the girls on their knowledge of Ulta and poked holes in all their answers.  Pat showed the girls how to sachet down the red carpet and as a finishing touch we flew in Guido Maria Kretshmer from Germany to dress the girls in his one-of-a-kind couture gowns.  The girls were blown away as they began to taste what it might really feel like to win the competition; photo shoots, TV commercials, runway shows and of course red carpet events are where only the true stars get face time. 

Our coaches now came to work to shop with their teams.  Naomi's advice was to act mysterious yet approachable; laugh off a question you don't know the answer to or which you don't want to answer, but never to rest on your laurels.  Team Karolina decided that they will win this campaign and KK makes sure that they know as much as possible about ULTA and to be approachable, walk out on that red carpet as if you already are stars.  Team Coco put their failure to win anything behind them, and decided to concentrate on Margaux's lack of personality, even Stephanie had a bit of a dig at Margaux by conveniently forgetting her triple elimination room experience...

Meanwhile on the red carpet; Team Karolina looked like two movie stars until Devyn kissed some random stranger's chest.  Both Ebony and Devyn were godsmacked when they saw Wendy Williams waiting for them at the end of the red carpet.  Wendy didn't hold back and questioned Ebony on her family life, specifically her two children from different daddies.  Wendy then dove into Devyn, asking her what it's like to be a black girl model... Miss Devyn said she didn't see herself as a black model but rather a citizen of the world who can be everything to everyone; good answer or a deadly one?! 

Next-up was Team Naomi on the red carpet, like the little and large show.  Zi Lin looked stunning and owned the red carpet from head to toe, while Jocelyn explained to US Weekly's reporter Jennifer Peros why she should be the face of Ulta Beauty by simply stating "because I am beautiful" well of course Jocelyn...good thing this is not a modesty competition! Jocelyn was trite and blunt in front of Wendy Williams, while Zi Lin let Madam Williams know while she hasn't posed nude before she might be open to it, and that she is taller than Jocelyn (in case you'd been thinking the 6 inch height discrepancy was just a great pair of heels)!  Unfortunately, Zi Lin forgot the name of her eye shadow and decided to rename it Ulta special purple —oops!                                                                                                                               

Last but not least, up rolled Team Coco.   Both Stephanie and Margaux looked absolutely stunning.  Their answers were both strong and Margaux, for the first time, seemed to enjoy the limelight on the red carpet; could this be their moment?  It may have been but then Wendy Williams happened, and Margaux went right back into her shell.  Stephanie then tried to overcompensate for both of them and her incessant talking sounded like she had verbal diarrhea. 

There can only be one winning team and the stakes have never been higher with a double elimination on the cards.  After all was said and done Billy Norwich and Pat Cleveland decided that Team Karolina were in fact the best on the red carpet, resulting in Devyn and Ebony winning handmade gowns from Guido Maria Kretshmer and the incredible opportunity to be flown to Europe where they would open and close his next fashion show!

In the elimination room KK, who could be the fairest judge of all, analyzed the situation and grilled both Team Coco and Team Naomi.  This awkward environment pit all the contestants against one another, regardless of their team.  After all, this is a competition and only one girl can become The Face.  KK cut through the facades and ultimately picked Margaux as well as Zi Lin to go through to the finale. 

Once again, KK's strategy didn't jive with Naomi's vision, although if you ask me it's not personal.  Coco reveled in the situation and was paid no lip service by Naomi. 

With all the backstabbing, politics and fashionable cray cray that's been going on in the competitions, our supermodel mentors have not given up on their dreams of cat walk stardom and the fight to be The Face has never been stronger. 

Tune in next week for the season finale - it will literally take your breath away.  If you like fashion, if you think you know about style and what it takes to win on the world's runway, then The Face has you covered.

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