Nigel Barker

The fearless search for The Face is on and I'll be a busy bee all season long on my blog!  My supermodels have picked their teams and as you could see from Tuesday night's episode, they're taking no prisoners in this season's fight for fashion fame!

Our first "test shoot" was coached by none other than Naomi Campbell and the goal was to see "Who Wore It Better?"  Oh, side note: I could have just killed my stylist as she had me all casual in a Kenzo sweater, Levi's jacket and Carhartt pants, feeling fresh and ready to get this first challenge on when total WTF moment- out walks Miss Naomi in an Azzedine Alaïa catsuit with full length gloves! Talk about feeling under dressed!

So, I know that Zi Lin won the challenge even though earlier in the process she wasn't even wearing her pants, which just goes to show sometimes it's how you don't wear something rather than how you do!  Margaux felt her look was really manly but just because it's a man's suit doesn't mean you have to be so literal Margaux! I really thought Zi Lin's Dolce & Gabbana styling was a great play on wearing a suit while looking fashion-forward and sexy (not clunky).

Now, on to our first "Campaign" which was for (drum roll please) W Magazine!

Okay so let me just say that the team's first shoot on The Face was for an actual spread in W Magazine, and it just so happened to be shot by the legendary Patrick DeMarchelier. Even I  got jealous!  Super Models and models couldn't help but critique each other's styles of modeling and coaching during the shoot, so you just know the flames of a well-heeled fire burnt FIERCE.

The winning photo spread was actually selected by the editor of W Magazine's Stefano Tonchi, not a panel of judges.  He picked our blonde bombshell KK's team's picture as the one he will be running in the April issue. Not too shabby ladies-I'm super impressed.

Next was elimination, everyone's favorite and least favorite part (fashion just adores a good juxtaposition).  As our winning super model coach, KK got the wretched honor of eliminating the first model once Naomi and Coco excruciatingly picked one girl to put up for elimination from each of their teams.

This is where it gets real wild as Aleksandra and Stephanie are both up for elimination.

Let's be real, Stephanie had no idea what she was doing and looked pretty lackluster to put it mildly, but, she is gorgeous and, I think, full of potential.  Then you have Aleksandra who is also stunning but who actually thought she did a great job in her picture; girlfriend did you see yourself?!  You looked like Golum slumped on the ground like that! Word of advice: when Patrick DeMarchelier tells you to lift your chin up, just do it!  Also, never argue with a supermodel when you are in the elimination room - yes KK had seen the photo too Aleksandra.

Now, Naomi's reaction to KK keeping Stephanie over Aleksandra is just a soupcon of the fight to be The Face! Ladies and gentleman, it's game on from here...I can't wait.

-Nigel Barker