This week we traveled to Virginia Beach, VA to surprise the Hill-Burdette family.  The Hill-Burdette family is like one big beautiful puzzle. You have Shannell, Kenisha, Samantha, Kayla, Chyna, Shea, Fred, the dad and Beverly, the mom. Beverly is the glue that holds them all together. Beverly Hill is quite possibly the most selfless woman I've ever met in my entire life. She has fostered 35 children and then adopted her six current daughters. Even though there are eight people living in a 1600sq. ft. house, she still finds a way to give to the community by saving up her money to feed and cloth the homeless. She just gives and gives, and gives.

We were able to surprise the Hill-Burdette family in a very unique way. They go to church every Sunday and the whole community was there, and since the family always attends church they had no idea what was about to happen. Church is a very respectful, peaceful place, and so you have to be on your best behavior — normally you don't bring Ty with a megaphone but this is obviously a special circumstance.  Let's just say this is definitely a church service that the Hill-Burdette family will never forget.

Beverly was doing incredible things in a very, very small house so just imagine what they will be able to continue to do in a giant home. We are going to give them a home that's perfect for eight people. This week I was able to spend some time with Kenisha, 17, who is a lovely girl. When you talk to Kenisha you get the sense that she was a part of a very, very bad history. What Beverly has done for her and her children is give them love, give them a home and give them a sense of family.  We're just helping that along this week and giving the kids inspiration, especially for Kenisha.  She wants to be a chef, so I'm going to incorporate her loves — cooking and traveling. Her room is going to be this Parisian café. Kenisha has been through a lot, and I just want her to have a special place that not only inspires her dreams but helps them along.

I think because of all the wonderful things that Beverly does the entire community is banding together in the spirit of Beverly Hill. Leading the charge was Duane Cotton and his group from Trademark Construction.  They really helped us pull a lot off.

Beverly Hill's adopted children think of her as not only a mom, but as an angel. I was able to travel to the state capital to receive an  Angel's In Adoption award from the Department of Health and Human Services on Beverley's behalf. I was moved beyond words to accept this award. Beverly is just one woman, who is a hero to children everywhere.  She has sacrificed her life and fostered over 35 children, adopted six beautiful kids and given of her time and money to feed and cloth the homeless. It just goes to show that you don't need to be biologically connected to make a house a home. Love is love.