This week we are in Houston, Texas and we are visiting the Johnson family. Let's face it, friends, this show is known for making millions of Americans cry every Sunday night.  If you don't cry at some of the subject matter on these builds, then you ain't got a heart or there's something wrong with you. You come and meet this family and you look at their home and you want to cry because it's terrible.  However, you can't because this family is so fun and energetic and they put the greatest face on everything.  I think their mentality is, "it could be worse." 

So Ty comes up with this idea of having a "no tears" build.  No tears! Let's have no tears this week. Embrace the pain and laugh.  Can it be done?  I don't know. But when we move the bus in seven days, I think the family will be crying tears of happiness.  We'll cut them some slack.  No one else can cry.  Really America, can this be done on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?

Eric and Elaine Johnson have a non-profit called Optimum Lifestyle, which is geared toward counseling couples. They really try to give them unique experiences. They have them do things like ballroom dancing and different activities of sorts. They do more than just sit them down in a room and talk to them.  In talking to the couples that they've helped, they do a great job, except right now they're doing this from this old derelict home. Imagine how great they could be if they had an office in a beautiful new home?  I think when we leave Optimum Lifestyle is just going to keep on going up and up.

You know that Eric and Elaine's hearts are in the right place. Their business isn't about making money for them — it's about saving couples to stay together to help raise good kids within this community.  Unfortunately, they live in a pretty tough area. Their current home was Elaine's grandparents home and she kind of looks at it like it's her family's legacy. Unfortunately, there are some major problems with this home aside from it being unbelievably small. So this week, we're going to try to make a little bit of a change.

Eric and Elaine have five girls and right now they're all sharing one tiny room. When you sit down and talk with the Johnson girls, you get an amazing sense of pride and respect. I spent a lot of time with the girls and they finish their sentences with sir, ma'am, madam, miss. They're proper, but they are also very much girlie girls. I'm not sure if the other designers are on the same page with me on this, but I'm thinking fashion and I'm thinking catwalks and I'm thinking hotspots. I think we could definitely interlink these bedrooms for these five girls. It could be a lot of fun. 

Helping us out this week is our wonderful build team from HHN Homes and an entire slew of volunteers. I've got to say friends, what I love most about these shows is meeting people. These people volunteering with me are all passionate! It's great to see these people come out to volunteer for a family they don't even know.  I always say, if you were to cut our show in two, it would bleed blue blood. That's the reason why I love my volunteers.  I absolutely love 'em!