This week we are in East Setauket, NY building a home for the Lutz Family. What's really amazing about this family is that they're a family of 18 adopted kids — six of those children have Down syndrome. 

Kathleen, the eldest, took over the care of her siblings when their parents passed away. She has been holding this family together and it's been a lot of work for her. The work that Kathleen does in caring for her siblings is absolutely phenomenal. With Down syndrome, these kids will never be able to go out into the real world, live on their own or have real jobs. So this week, we're bringing the real world to them. 

One of the things we wanted to do is really keep these kids' personalities in the new home that we're building. Their home is changing, but I think if we can really get in and give them those things that they love, it will be an easy transition for them. 

One of my big projects this week is taking care of William's room. William is a big Yankees fan. He absolutely loves the Yankees and he knows every player by name. I've got some cool ideas, but it's going to take some work though, so I really needed to talk to Sal about this.

Sal Fero is a dear friend of mine. This is his eighth build with the show, so you know it's a good fit. Sal and the rest of his crew at Alure Home Improvements have been a huge help this week and we are so glad to be back to work on another project with him.  For me to be here and help this family with him is kind of a way to say thank you.

This week was truly all about family and uncensored love.  People make fun of others when they don't understand differences. When you spend some time with these kids, you just want to slap your hand for any behavior when you were younger because these kids are just wonderful people. This week we really did what we set out to do. I think these kids will adjust in this house, and I think Kathleen will be able to take a breath and take a moment for herself. I'm so glad that we were here and that we are able to share our story with all of you folks at home too.