This week finds us in Greene County, Mo. where Chris and Niki Hampton were happily living in a 792 sq. ft. house with their 9-year-old son Dakota and 6-year-old daughter Hannah (cramped but content). Then, the Hamptons got a phone call from Social Services. Niki's sister's four children had been taken by the state, and Chris and Niki had one hour to decide whether they could take in their nieces and nephews, or let them go to a foster family. They knew immediately that they had to take in Jacob, Lexi, Kira and Gage. Though they weren't sure how eight people could squeeze into the tiny one-bedroom, one-bathroom house, the Hamptons knew that they needed to take those kids in, or they would lose them into the system where they'd likely be separated. This week is about following through with their wish to keep those kids together, safe and create one big family unit.

The first thing I thought when I see the Hampton Family was that they're like the classic, quintessential American family. Just kind of doing their thing, making ends meet no matter what it takes — and these days that's not easy for anybody. But to add in four children that you never planned on having into this tiny little ramshackle house that barely is suitable for the four of them is just amazing. And it's also just heartwarming to know that there are still good people out there who are kind and care no matter what. We had a wonderful and generous builder this week: Sam and Michelle Clifton and their team at Millstone Homes. Together we came up with the floor plan for the new home, which, I think, couldn't be more ideally suited for this family. We've got the two oldest kids upstairs, finally in their own bedrooms, and the four youngest ones are downstairs, sharing rooms, which is perfect. And it's what they wanted.

Mom and dad finally have their own master bedroom suite with a door. When we designed the master bedroom suite, of course it has a door on it. But there's double doors going into the bathroom and another door going into the closet. It's all about giving them the privacy they haven't had; the privacy they gave up to have the opportunity to raise this family. We designed the master bedroom with nothing in mind but the peace, quiet and serenity they deserve. I think we got it. 

I think Niki and Chris have made all of the difference in these children's lives. We're fortunate that we get the opportunity to come along and help them and make a difference in the whole family's lives. Now, Niki and Chris can just focus on being the amazing parents that they are. 

Also of note, Ashley Tisdale is our celebrity volunteer for this week's family.