Okay, gang, so this week we are in Savannah, Ga. and we're here to meet the lovely Simpson family.

Their story is a bit of a tough one.  You've got a beautiful little boy by the name of Zoe who was born with some very, very bad conditions. He has fluid retention in the body and also his brain, which not many people survive.  If that wasn't bad enough, he was also born blind because he had detached retinas.  The amazing thing is that this child is still alive and now 2-years-old.

When I think of little Zoe's situation it kind of puts into perspective the birth of my triplet girls because they were born eight weeks premature. They were in the intensive care unit for kids for a month and they had their own complications. It was a scary time because you're not in control. When I see little Zoe and what he's achieved by the prognosis he was given from the doctors, he really is a miracle child in every sense of the word. 

Due to Zoe's condition, Dad and Mum, Jim and Carmen, decided to move to Savannah to be near the hospital, which makes perfect sense. The only problem in moving closer to Savannah, is it means the house prices go way up and with a little one in the hospital, it makes it really tough to do a lot of fixin' up. Hopefully this week, with us guys being here, we can really give 'em the beautiful house that they deserve. 

Along with giving them a beautiful house, we're going to give them a therapy room for little Zoe. After talking to Mum, she gave me a list of things that will make Zoe's life a darn site better, and some of them aren't really that crazy to ask for.  She mentioned that sounds really do help him, so we're gonna put speakers in the room of different sounds when he touches things.  Also when he touches things we're gonna have the lights come on and be illuminated.  She recommended putting bright colors everywhere because all of those things, the colors, the lights, the sounds help him cognitively.  So if we can get this physical therapy room on the side of the house it's one less thing that mum and dad have to go out each week to the hospital.  They can do it in their home.  I mean, how lucky is that to have a physical therapy room in your room?  Mum can then spend the next two or three years getting little Zoe as much information as possible into that brain of his. We couldn't have come at a more appropriate time.

Here helping us out this week are our good friends from JT Turner Construction and hundreds upon hundreds of volunteers from the Savannah community and the surrounding areas. They've been absolutely wonderful! I've heard so much about Savannah when I was growing up in England. If you've never been to Savannah, gang, come down...holy moly! This place is absolutely stunning.

In seven days time I think we gave this family, quite possibly, one of the prettiest houses that I have ever seen in the history of me working on this show.  Even more importantly, I think we really helped take the burden off of those parent's shoulders, so they can continue being a great dad and mum and a member of their community.  I think that's really one of the best things I think we gave this family this week.