Dancing with the Stars - Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hi everyone,

I have the day off today because Erin is working. She has four games to cover, so no rehearsal. We're in North Carolina now, but will head back to L.A. on Sunday and will stay there — hopefully for the next 10 weeks!

Erin is doing great. We've done the first two dances now since there's no elimination the first week. We started with cha-cha and our second week dance is the foxtrot. I'm not going to say we struggled with the cha-cha, but she struggled with it as much as everybody else because I think she came in with a certain expectation of, "Oh, I'm going to get it." Then it turned into, "Whoa! This is so different. I don't understand how you guys move like that." So it became difficult for her to realize that it's very different from what she's ever done before and her body doesn't move like this naturally. But when we started the foxtrot, there were no expectations. It was like, "Clean slate. Let's start from scratch." It went a lot faster and she's picking it up a lot faster. I think she'll be great at both dances. We don't know what suits her better yet, but the process with the foxtrot was a lot faster because of her approach. She said, "OK, I don't what it is. I don't know what it's like, so show me." When you come in with that mindset, it's great and everything goes smoothly. She has the cha-cha down. I think everything is going to be good and it's a matter of constantly coming up with great routines that stick with fans. She's really cool and funny. You're all going to love her!

I think Erin is going to be representative of someone like Stacy Keibler. I think she's one of the many this season with a lot of potential. Certainly, Evan, Nicole and Chad are up there. Chad is representative of our past football competitors, like Emmitt Smith and Warren Sapp. Those guys did an amazing job. Evan is representative of Kristi and Nicole is like Mel B. Then you have big names, like Pamela Anderson and Kate Gosselin. From what I hear, Kate's doing a great job. But honestly, I have no idea how anyone else is doing because we haven't been in LA. It's funny because everyone's on Twitter, so you see these generic updates. "Everything is going great."

As I'm sure you've heard, Brooke Burke is the new co-host. I'm excited. She's cool and very friendly. I would've loved to seen Mel as the co-host. She was excited and wanted to do it. Mel would've been fun, but I think Brooke is going to do a great job.

I'll give you all a Sleep update. I'm not letting him and Kuzya get together yet! She's still getting all her vaccinations, so the dates must wait. She's gorgeous. Sleep has grown so much. I need to post a new picture because he's like 30 pounds. He's very big. I haven't seen him a week, but I think I'll probably fly him out to L.A. for the show. But he's surrounded by family and loved ones now, so he's cool.

Also at home, my new studio, Dance with Me SoHo, is doing incredibly well. We're very happy and ecstatic with how it turned out. When we open the doors, there's literally an onslaught of people. It's amazing. The studio is gorgeous. We just need to get more staff, which is a good problem to have. I'm hoping to open the next one in Miami. I think it's an amazing area. We've already found a location. Lately, we've been opening one every three years. I think with Miami, we might do it a bit early, maybe in a year. I'm working on other very big projects too. I'm working on developing my own stage production. The location is yet to be determined, but I have a couple people who are interested. If it happens, I'm also interested in creating a second company and make it a touring production. I also want to franchise my studio and open up more locations throughout the country. That's something I'm very enthusiastic about. Then there's the TV stuff. There's some cool stuff coming up. When I'm given the green light, I'll let everyone know!

I saw your comments last week about what shirt I was wearing when I was Skype-ing. Well, it was just a regular shirt. I was just wearing a towel and a shirt, and I just thought it was amazing I was doing an interview then. It wasn't really meant for public discussion, but I guess you have to be careful with what you tweet!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!