Hello again,

Sorry for the delay, things have been quite busy. All's well — spent a very nice Easter weekend with my mother. thanks again for all the well wishes for her.

Well, the questions are starting to pile up so, I'm not going to waste time. Let me try to answer a few.

To Casimone: I'm glad you enjoy reading and responding to this blog. I plan to keep making entries even after we break for hiatus. Like I mentioned before, I really enjoy communicating with you all. I'll be travelling a bit this spring, so if there are a few lapses in the entries ... I hope you understand.

PeachehKate: Yes, it's a great sense of accomplishment to finish my first full season on NCIS. The cast and crew are the best and they've made me feel like a part of the family.

Richard Ross: Ahhh, that's the $64 question. Who knows when we will ever find out what Vance shredded in the final episode of Season 5. I'm hoping we will find out at the end of Season 15, know what I mean?

Gibbs1: When I became a part of the NCIS team, I had a meeting with executive producer Charles Johnson and we talked about the role. I mentioned that I  thought it would interesting if he were a fight fan and a fight-history buff. I imagined the wall in Vance's office covered with boxing memorabilia. He thought it was an interesting choice, and that started the whole boxing element to the character.

Arwest: I just wanted to say thanks for blogging. You are right, "grateful" is a wonderful word. I am grateful for you and your thoughts.

Lizabeth Tucker: I have a feeling that Director Vance will occasionally appear on the spinoff, just to keep an eye on things.

Breezy L: We will probably start filming Season 7 in early July.

Nay Nay Gibbs: Yes, I believe there were unresolved feelings between Gibbs and Jenny, a lot that went unsaid. Vance will appear in Part 1 of the spin-off and will be a factor in the final two episodes of the season. You want Tiva? Oh, there will be Tiva. To your last question, It's a lot of fun playing Vance. Working with [Mark] Harmon makes it easy. If I told you just how different our off-screen dynamic is from the one on screen, I'm afraid you might not buy the Gibbs-Vance dynamic anymore!

Sorry, I have to get ready for work.

More soon,
Rocky Carroll