Carl Edwards, David Brown

"Better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved before."  Alfred Lord Tennyson

It was "Moving Forward" week, and the remaining contestants got a surprise visit by Biggest Loser alumni Abby.  Listening to her talk about her experience, I connected immediately to her heartbreaking story of loss.  She reminded us if she had not dealt with the hurt she had then she would not be where she is today.  I know exactly what she's talking about.  I too had an abundance of pain in my life I hadn't dealt with when I got here, and I can say the physical transformation I am enjoying is a direct result of finally dealing with those feelings of loss in my life.

I remember hearing a story about how "pain" multiplies.  When a person breaks a bone, it is usually in a sudden and/or unexpected accident, and thus the pain is more reactionary in nature.  If the broken bone is not set to heal correctly, it will potentially cause many more issues throughout the body because of over-compensation, and will eventually have to be re-broken to heal something that never healed properly in the first place.  And because the patient knows the corrective procedure is necessary, the stress of anticipated pain is actually much worse the second time around.  And this is how it was for me on the ranch.  I had to open up the wound and re-break my broken parts so they could heal properly this time.

Slowly thru the first 11 weeks on the ranch, I had come to realize a great many qualities were surfacing for me.  I am a fierce competitor, I am an encourager, a leader, I am a warrior, I am a great husband and dad, I am a believer, I am an athlete... and I am somebody who didn't love myself.  And if many of you would be honest with yourself, you don't love yourself either.

I am grateful for losing weight and becoming physically stronger, but I think the greatest gift I received to equip myself for "moving forward" was learning to love myself again.  I have always held the conviction you can only give out of an abundance of what you already have.  Simple example would be if I have a vase of flowers, I can choose to give 1 or more of them away to somebody out of my abundance of flowers.  My only resolution this year is to love myself more.  I know in doing so, I will be able to love my wife more fully, love my family more abundantly, love others more unconditionally.

And my wish for you in this New Year is for you to find that love for yourself again.  Deal with the hurt you have, so you can focus on what's ahead without having to "re-break the bone" along the way.  Feel alive.  Be great.  Realize you have more in you.  Embrace your potential.  You have unfinished business.  Lead the life you always dreamed of.  You are worth it!

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