Jackson Carter, Bob Harper

Starting weight: 328 pounds
End of Week 8: 261 pounds
Total loss: 67 pounds

Previous Weight: 266 pounds
Weight Loss: 5 pounds
Current Weight: 261 pounds

This week is all about working together. It's a time where we put our own needs and insecurities aside and work together for the greater good. A time where, even though it's an individual's game, we to put 100 percent of our trust into the people we have been sharing a house and gym with for the last 7 weeks. We have been working as a team since week one and have built strong bonds between each other. Losing a collective 70 pounds should be easy for us to achieve for immunity, right? That's what I thought too, but just like the time I thought Bruce Willis had survived the shooting in The Sixth Sense I was DEAD wrong.

After a pop challenge where Sunny, Biingo, and Lindsay helped take 9 pounds off of our 70-pound goal, it was up to the contestants to lose 61 pounds for immunity at the weigh-in. It seems like a totally achievable goal... until we get into our first workout of the week. Side note: The kids look absolutely INCREDIBLE and I am so proud of how well they did in the pop challenge. They have come so far and are excellent role models for kids everywhere to look up to. They should be so proud of themselves!

Now, one would assume that if there was any drama in the house, it would involve the catty gay kid, the fiery Latina, the black girl with looks that kill, or the 26-year-old smartass who has everything figured out. But, just like the time I thought it would be a good idea to use a fork to get my rice bread out of the toaster, one would be wrong. It was actually the two oldest people in the house, Joe and Gina who can't stop fighting like honey badgers over a cobra carcass. You know Gina, the 47-year-old attorney and Joe, the former coach (a job where you have to facilitate unity and teamwork). So when they get into and argument on the treadmill which causes Gina to storm out, you can understand why the trainers are so shocked. At this point in the workout contestants are fighting with contestants, trainers are fighting with trainers, and contestants are fighting with trainers. The one week where we are supposed to put our happy faces on and work with each other, nobody is getting along.

Jeff and I get tired of wasting valuable training time and create our own spin class in the corner until everyone gets sick of hearing their own voice. One by one, the other contestants join us until the only people not focusing on a workout are Joe, Gina, and the trainers. This is going to be a LOOOOOONG week.

At the challenge, we have the opportunity to knock another 10 pounds off our goal. It's a race against the clock to find pieces of a flagpole buried on the beach. Then we have to construct the flag, run it to the end of the pier and plant it at Alison's feet. We blow right through it and now only have to lose 51 pounds! But the even more impressive thing is when Gina falls and Joe pretty much picks her up in one arm and continues his sprint down the pier. Maybe there is hope for this weigh-in after all!

After seeing the how much division there is in the house, the trainers decide that, while our last change workout is important, we would benefit from a team building ropes course more. We get taken to the top of a mountain in Malibu, strapped into harnesses and helmets, and are forced to rely on our partner to avoid falling off of a tight rope, 50 feet in the air. Nothing builds trust between people quite like clinging to them to avoid falling to your death. And it seems silly, but it actually works. You have to depend on this person to keep yourself up on the tight rope and it seems to be working wonders.

The pairings are as follows:
Jeff-Franc (or to use the celebrity couple name Alex and I gave to them: Cinnamon Dulcet)

I am TERRIFIED of heights and would rather have smeared my whole body in honey and stood in the middle of a forest infested with bears and bees than climb onto the tight rope. At least bears will kill you quickly. I might actually survive a fall of 50 feet and have to finish the rest of the competition in a full-body cast. No thank you!

So, to have Danni as my partner was awesome because she was solid as a rock. She didn't tell me until AFTER we finished the course that she is also afraid of heights. I really appreciate that she lied to me on the tight rope. 

At the weigh-in, it becomes pretty clear pretty quick that we have missed the 51-pound target by MILES. Everyone except for Danni is pulling low, LOW numbers. It becomes pretty clear when Jeff gets on the scale and pulls a 4 that someone will be going home (and likely, it will be him). Francelina gets up there and has to lose more than 2 pounds to stay safe. And in a shocking turn of events, loses exactly 2 pounds and is sent home.

This was a really emotional elimination. Everyone knows how hard Francy works. She is up at the crack of dawn everyday jogging. Not to mention, she was my roommate and best friend. The rest of this competition is going to be so hard without and I can't even imagine how Jeff and I can finish without her motivation. She is a truly amazing person and I can't speak highly enough about her.

How are Jeff and I going to do without Francy? Will Gina and Joe clean up their acts and start getting along? And how will everyone do when they are faced with their biggest fear? Tune in to NBC on Monday at 8/7c to find out.

Much love,