Jackson Carter. Bob Harper

Starting weight: 328 pounds
End of Week 7: 266 pounds
Total loss: 62 pounds

Previous Weight: 279 pounds
Weight Loss: 13 pounds
Current Weight: 266 pounds

INDIVIDUALS!! This is the point in the competition where we lose our teammates and it is completely up to us as individuals to keep ourselves in the game. The mood in the house has definitely shifted. It has gone from "help your neighbor; we're all in this together" to "Can I trust my neighbor? I'm in this for myself."

On a lighter note, individuals is also the time where we all get new colors! Francy= Orange, Joe= Garnet, Jeff= Aqua, Alex= Green, Gina= Purple, Mike= Charcoal, Danni= Pink. And Me? I'm the Golden boy!

The week starts off with our first temptation challenge. We are all brought into a room FILLED with cupcakes and brownies and chocolates. In honor of Valentine's Day, the prize for the temptation is a 2-pound advantage PLUS you get to share the love — because the person who eats the most calories also gets to give one other person a 2-pound advantage.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Biggest Loser challenge without a twist. Alison tells us that love is blind and during this temptation, we will be also. The room goes pitch black and we can't see a thing. Which means we can't see if anyone else is eating or not. Alison says go and we all have 10 minutes to decide if we are going to eat and, if so, how much. Immediately, I hear Francelina next to me just start TEARING her table apart. I ask "What are you eating, baby?" and she responds with "You don't wanna know!" in the tone of a child who just sneaked into the cookie jar before dinner.

Other than that, I have no idea what's going on around me. I decide to not eat because I'm coming off of a week where I only lost 1 pound and I cannot afford to mess with my diet even a little bit. In hindsight, I probably should have eaten. You have to burn 3,500 calories in order to lose a pound and for only 1,100 calories, the winner got TWO pounds. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Francelina ends up winning the prize by eating just over 1,100 calories. She gives the other prize to Alex because she ate just over 1,000. Even though I am VERY close with Francelina, I'm so happy that she gave the prize to Alex. At the end of the day, Alex took a risk that nobody else was willing to take and deserved to be rewarded for it.

One of the things I am most nervous about because of the switch is that we are going to switch trainers. It's not that one trainer is easier than any other trainer. It's just that over the last couple months, we have built a relationship with our trainer. They know our limits and injuries and they know how to work with us. So to take us away from that, who knows what will happen.

I get put with Bob and I have to say I LOVE BOB HARPER! Something that was not shown on camera is that I sustained a Grade 2 ankle sprain and told by the ER doctor that I wouldn't be able to participate in any weight bearing activities for 2 weeks. Bob basically said "Yeah, we'll see about that" and immediately found exercises that I could do. He was so good about working with my injury and I never once felt discouraged. I owe EVERY ounce of my 13-pound weight loss to Bob. Thank you so much! Not to mention that he is just dreamy :)

Our challenge this week involved running, we had to run in an arena to wherever the spotlight was shining. The last person to hit the light was eliminated from the competition. It was like musical chairs without the music or chairs... If that makes any sense. Danni won (as usual) and gave her prizes to Mike and Gina (Danni is just genuinely a very nice girl like that). Each of them were able to bring a loved one to the ranch for 24 hours. Mike brought his wife and baby and Gina brought her husband. Even though we all didn't get to have a loved one at the ranch, we welcomed them with open arms because it was nice to have a taste of the outside world.

This was a pretty emotional weigh-in. I had a great week! I lost 13 pounds and Bob had such great things to say about me. He even called me an athlete, which is something I have never been called before in my whole life. Unfortunately however, Francelina (my roommate and very best friend in the house) fell below the yellow line with Mike. I thought for sure that I was going to lose her because Mike is just such a good guy and after meeting his wife and Mike Jr., even I had a hard time voting for him. This is going to suck!

But in a twist of fate, everyone with the exception of Alex voted for Mike. I believe it's because everyone knows how strong Francelina is and how hard she works. And in the immortal words of one of my favorite trainers "The work always shows up on the scale. Just not necessarily when you want it to." I, along with everyone else, know that Francelina just had a bad week and still deserved to be on the ranch.

The big shock of the evening was when Jeff revealed his vote for Mike even though they had agreed on day one to have each other's backs. Jeff thought that there was no way Francelina was going to go home. So it wouldn't be in his best interest to vote for someone who he may need to partner with later in the game. I'd like to believe that Jeff didn't break his promise, but rather just secured an ally in the game and believe me, you need as many of those as possible.

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Much Love,

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