Dolvett Quince

Week 17 was the contestants last week on the ranch!  Kim and Conda made it to the finale and all this season's eliminated players returned to compete for the last slot.  After their weigh-in, seven of the eliminated players who had lost the most percentage of body fat proceeded to the first part of the challenge, a hundred yard dash.  Following the race was a calorie puzzle and lastly an endurance challenge with the remaining three: Lauren, Jeremy, and Mike.  Jeremy ultimately won and solidified his spot as the third and last finalist!

I can't express how proud and elated I was at everyone's progress.  They looked AMAZING and the difference in their face and how they carried themselves was tremendously different.  Everyone possessed a level of confidence I previously hadn't seen in them.  Jeremy was upset and disappointed he wasn't one of the initial two players who made it to the finale but he remained focused and driven and he claimed back his spot.  Next week is the live finale so until then....THE POSITIVE THINKER SEES THE INVISIBLE, FEELS THE INTANGIBLE, AND ACHIEVES THE IMPOSSIBLE!!