Dolvett Quince

Week 16 certainly began like nothing we've ever seen or experienced before in the history of the show. The contestants all threatened to leave the ranch!  Apparently they heard the past players of the season would get to compete for one slot in the finale. The remaining contestants thought that it wasn't fair to them and wanted to leave. After several discussions between the lawyer, producers, Bob and myself, Jeremy, Conda, and Kim decided to stay. Buddy and Mark left which was really disappointing to me.  I had hoped that they would have thought it out and not quit. Although I still don't understand their decision I do wish them both continued success and great health. I wonder looking back if they regret their decision. I look forward to seeing them someday and catching up on how they and their families are doing.  

Alison revealed the player with the highest percentage of weight loss would win a brand new Ford Escape and that ended up being Kim who lost an amazing 15 pounds!  I can't tell you how proud I was of her throughout this entire journey thus far. The red line was also introduced, so the person that fell under would automatically be sent home. Sadly, that was Jeremy, but he handled it well even though Conda broke down. I have faith he will reach his goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle moving forward.  At the end of the weigh-in, the old contestants returned and...well you'll have to tune in Tuesday to see what happened!  Until next week...THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE IMPOSSIBLE AND THE POSSIBLE LIES IN A PERSON'S DETERMINATION!! 

-       Dolvett