Dolvett Quince

So this past Tuesday we all got an invite to the White House!  The remaining six contestants and their family got the opportunity of a lifetime to meet the First Lady.  Mrs. Obama greeted everyone with such warmth and grace.  I could tell she was a loyal  fan of The Biggest Loser.  She knew all the contestant's names and specific details that were only revealed on the show.  It was such an honor to meet her, and give the First Lady a Biggest Loser workout. 

The First Lady spoke to us about her Let's Move! initiative which helps to solve childhood obesity.  As a fitness specialist, I think it's a brilliant initiative in preventing overweight adults.  Giving children and their parents knowledge about nutrition and exercise will help break the cycle and end this epidemic.  Mrs. Obama participated in a workout with everyone and did a great job. She definitely proved that she makes time to exercise and even challenges herself while watching the show. Overall it was a tremendous experience for me and the contestants. 

Back on the ranch, it was time for the weigh-in.  Chris and Kim fell below the yellow line and Chris was sent home.  I was worried about Chris going home and slacking off since she gave into a moment of weakness this week and binged, gaining 2 pounds.  However, it looks as though she and Roy (aka Santa) figured out how to support each other and stay focused on their health.  Keep it up guys!  Tune in this Tuesday to see whats going on in the Biggest Loser house, looks like some of the contestants might quit. Until Tuesday....IF YOU RUN YOU STAND A CHANCE OF LOSING, BUT IF YOU DON'T RUN YOU'VE ALREADY LOST!!

-       Dolvett