Dolvett Quince

Week 14 hosted everyone's favorite theme...makeover week! Before the contestants learned it was makeover week they had a sling shot challenge. The winner would receive a one pound advantage but the loser would gain a one-pound disadvantage. Buddy finally won a prize but unfortunately Conda lost.

The contestants received a surprising announcement from none other than the First Lady herself!  Yes, the First Lady of the United States of America invited everyone to reveal their new and improved looks in Washington DC at the White House. I was completely humbled and honored at the opportunity to go to the White House and meet Mrs. Obama.  

Players received personal fashion tips from Jeannie Mai and hair styling from celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves. Mark looked fantastic in his new suit, clean shave, and new bald head.  Chris was stunning in her classy dress and her edgier haircut and color was age defying too. Without his signature glasses and beard, Buddy looked like a sophisticated younger man in his suit. Conda was almost unrecognizable with her short haircut and blondish color. Jeremy looked like a handsome kid with the brightest smile. Kim was glowing from head to toe, she looked amazing.

Once in DC the six contestants were joined by their loved ones in emotional reunions. Everyone looked phenomenal and I was proud of each and every person.  It was wonderful to see them totally comfortable in their own skin and radiate with confidence and self-worth. We all convened in a room awaiting the arrival of the First Lady and then...well you'll have to tune in to next week's episode to see the First Lady's reaction to the stunning makeovers and also see Bob and I conduct a workout with Mrs. Obama and the contestants.  


-       Dolvett