Dolvett Quince

Week 13 was dubbed with the excuse - "Exercise is boring."  In 2012, are there really people who believe that?! There's a plethora of different ways to work out so I'm a bit baffled by this particular excuse.  Anyway, the contestants learned that Newman's Own products give all profits to charity!  I think that's incredible!  They were to each load 150 boxes of his salad dressings and pasta sauces into a truck. Mark did the obvious thing by loading the heavier boxes first followed by the lighter ones. That helped him win a one pound advantage and over 30,000 pounds of food to his local Feeding America food bank.

I took my players to a Zumba class and we all had a blast while keeping our heart rate up and burning calories. I laughed so hard especially when Buddy lead the class for a few minutes, he did great and it was cool to see him break out of his shell and shine. I had a talk with Jeremy and learned about the difficulties of his parent's divorce and father's addiction problem. I think he's doing a superb job on the ranch mentally and emotionally as well as physically. 

Next up, a cooking challenge tested another similar excuse, "Eating right is boring."  Contestants had 7 minutes to create a recipe and shop for the ingredients and then 20 minutes to prepare their dish. The judges might have looked familiar to you, season 11 contestants Vinny, Antone and Becky were back to judge the food that was being prepared. In the end, Kim won and received $1000 per pound she lost at weigh-in which turned out to be $7,000. I know she was thrilled! Megan and Mark fell below the yellow line and sent to elimination round but Megan was voted to go home.  Until next week....IT IS EXERCISE ALONE THAT SUPPORTS THE SPIRITS AND KEEPS THE MIND IN VIGOR!