Dolvett Quince

The excuse for Week 12 was "I can't lose weight on vacation" and so of course we had to put it to the Hawaii!! The contestants were super excited to hear that we were all going to the paradise island of Oahu. I was absolutely thrilled too as I love the beach! However, I knew it was going to be necessary for me to keep a close watch on the players as I anticipated much leisure and relaxation.  

The contestants received a special surprise visit from professional surfer Bethany Hamilton. As you may know, she surfed all of her life and was attacked by a shark at the age of 13. Despite losing an arm she resumed surfing just a month later! Talk about no excuses and never giving up!! Her presence and spirit was uplifting and extremely motivating for everyone, me included. She boosted my energy and helped ease my fears about swimming in the ocean and surfing no less. Although I love going to the beach, I usually don't swim much outside of a pool. Kimmy had similar reservations but we encouraged each other and went for it.  I was proud of her and also very pleased with my surfing efforts. Bethany made a very wise point of saying not to let fear hold us back and I couldn't agree more. If I always gave in to my fears I definitely wouldn't be where I am today. I'm living my dream and it's simply because I worked hard and didn't stand in the way of myself. Fear lies in every aspect of our lives: family, health, education, love, careers, friendships, etc. So, remember that and take action towards creating your destiny.

A nutrition quiz offered the winner a one-pound advantage towards weigh-in. Chris won the tie question between her and Kim so she took the prize. Later, the players participated in a tiki challenge where Jeremy pretty much gave his winning prize of immunity to his sister, Conda.  I spoke with Kim about her recent behavior lately. She seemed subdued and aloof which is completely unlike her. I didn't want to see her lose her drive and focus.  Mark apparently chatted with her as well so that was great that she got some reassure from one of her peers since she felt abandoned in a sense. I think we helped her get back into her competitive zone moving forward.  

Kimmy and Megan fell below the yellow line so they were up for the elimination round. Kimmy asked that they vote for her and spare her daughter, Megan and her request was granted. You looked better than ever Kimmy, see you at the finale.  Until next week...FEAR IS ONLY AS DEEP AS THE MIND ALLOWS!!!!

-          Dolvett