Dolvett Quince

This episode's excuse was "I don't believe in myself." This is an excuse that the majority of contestants have been guilty of as well as a lot of viewers.  Throughout the season, we have seen so many players getting discouraged simply because they didn't believe they could do something.  It's just as hard for the trainers and the contestants loved ones to see their potential when they don't see it in themselves.  You try everything in your power to expose their strengths and make them a believer.  Most of the time I succeed and there have been moments where their fear and self-doubt got the best of them. Despite obstacles I never stop fighting and you shouldn't either!

Contestants reached singles week so that meant no more teams. The yellow line was also introduced and would be used during all future weigh-ins. The players had their first challenge as individuals in an ice rink and I must say that it looked pretty fun and competitive. Every player actually took home a prize, some prizes were better than others of course but at least they all walked away with a gift.

Jeremy was generous and kind enough to swap his prize with his sister so she could have a shopping spree with a celebrity and also bring another player of her choice. She chose Kim since they are both single mothers and don't treat themselves to pampering much. They got a chance to meet Jessica Simpson and shop through all her various collections. I was glad to see them enjoying themselves and feeling confidant and proud of their new bodies. They both looked beautiful and judging by the smiles on their faces I know they felt it too!

I hadn't had a chance to really get to know Kimmy yet, but I knew she had a fear of heights so I decided to take her rock climbing. I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to spend some time together and conquer her fear simultaneously.  She revealed that she became a caregiver at such a young age because her mother was unable to and she wanted to help her.  I was touched by her story and couldn't wait to see her accomplish something for herself.  She did a fantastic job of climbing all the way to the top and I hope she continues to apply that determination and tenacity in everything she does.

During weigh-in, Emily and Kimmy fell below the yellow line and therefore were automatically up for elimination.  Emily was ultimately sent home but went on to lose more weight and even pursued one of her dreams to sing opera.   Who knew?!  I thought she sounded great and I hope she sings when she returns for the live finale.  Until next week....ALL THINGS SPLENDID HAVE BEEN ACHIEVED BY THOSE WHO DARED BELIEVE THAT SOMETHING INSIDE THEM WAS SUPERIOR TO CIRCUMSTANCE!!

-       Dolvett