Dolvett Quince

We've already reached Week 10 this season and both teams have each won five weigh-ins so far! The theme of the week was "I can't get out of my comfort zone." The teams had to switch trainers and the winning team from the weigh-in would be the only team voting during elimination round, deciding who goes home from the losing team! Once I saw the Black Team (BT) approaching me in the gym, I knew something was up. When they told me I was to train them I was genuinely excited and ready to get started but their faces gave a different reaction. I could tell they were really apprehensive, scared, and uncomfortable but then again that was the intention. It's always great to work with a trainer that you trust and connect with but don't be afraid to change it up sometimes.  You should welcome the challenge because it's another way to shock the body and prevent you from reaching plateaus. That's what I tried to convey to the ladies on my temporary BT. As far as I was concerned, the team colors in front of me made no difference; the people did.  

Mark was devastated by his son Chism's elimination the previous week.  Actually, it was pretty hard for everyone in the house but we all reminded Mark of how far he had come and to remember how much further he could go. I encouraged him to keep moving forward and not let that set him back because then two people might as well have went home. We needed him to be mentally present again and I think he knew he had to continue to fight for himself as well as his son. Emily and Chris seemed to have the hardest time adjusting to me as their trainer mainly because they were out of their comfort zone. They weren't sure what I would do or what to expect from my training style. I definitely had to put more effort into pushing Emily in order for her to believe in her capabilities. Christine lacked intensity and there was a disconnect there so I kept my eye on her to help as best I could. Ultimately, there is only so much a trainer can do, we can't make someone want and work for their goals. Buddy opened up to Bob about the tragic loss of his baby girl about 6 years prior. It was heart-wrenching to hear his experience and I really commend him for being brave and taking control of his life for his family now.

I took the ladies to a ballet class and to their surprise they not only had fun but they received another great form of workout from it. They also saw how I took myself out of my comfort zone by participating in the class alongside them! What did you think of my ballet tights? That was fun. I think it helped them trust me a little more as well as provided a chance for us to bond.  Back on the ranch, the players were presented with a mud challenge. They had to collect 40 weights of different sizes and the winning team would gain a 2-pound advantage towards their weigh-in. My original Red Team (RT) maintained a lead and eventually won.  

For Last Chance Workout (LCW), I took the ladies for a hike to warm up before heading into the gym. Try new forms of exercise, a new class, or reverse the methods in which you typically workout for better results and excitement!  Well, the weigh-in produced low numbers that were hard for everyone to accept. The RT won and had to join the BT in the elimination room to vote someone out. It was a tie between Cassandra and Christine but the former ended up being sent home. Good luck to you, Cassandra, in your health journey as well as your new career move!  Until next week....IF YOU DO WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS DONE, YOU'LL GET WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS GOTTEN!!

-       Dolvett