Dolvett Quince

This week's Biggest Loser episode opened with my Red Team (RT) joining the Black Team (BT) in the elimination room after the BT sent Daphne home. They all were told that they would be heading home the following day for 18 days and then return for a weigh-in! I thought this was the perfect time to put their habits to the test.  They had been on the ranch for two months working hard every day, all day. Going home would show how far they truly have come. It's much easier to be in a secluded area where everything is provided for you and all you have to focus on is eating healthy and exercising. In the real world, we are all distracted by normal day-to-day obligations but your health should always be a priority too! Every player would have a chance to earn immunity only if they lost 5 percent of their body weight. Even if a player's team lost the weigh-in they would still be safe and if every player on the losing team reached their target goal there would be no elimination!

Contestants flew home and revealed their progress to their family and friends. They looked excited and proud of themselves thus far and it was great to see the reactions from all of their loved ones. They all got a DVD from Alison putting them to an immediate water row challenge! The first to complete 10,000 meters would win $10,000! All the players got to keep the water row machine as well, courtesy of Indo-Row.  

We saw contestants putting themselves in front of their temptations and resisting their former demons so to speak. Emily had hot tea instead of indulging her sweet tooth and Jeremy ordered water instead of beer while out with his buddies. Cassandra and Buddy did a great job too and it was a big moment for Megan when she got on her horse without any outside help! Imagine all the things that your health is preventing you from doing and let that serve as another form of motivation for you to change your lifestyle! 

It was back to business when the teams returned for their Last Chance Workout (LCW) and back to reality at the weigh-in. The winner of the water row challenge was Chism by a 7-second lead on Kim. Sadly and shockingly Chism was one pound away from reaching immunity but since he was the only person on his team who didn't hit his target number he was automatically eliminated. It was very, very difficult for everyone to see him go and I know it was hard on Mark to see his son sent home. Like I said before, Chism is a great, well raised kid who grew into a man on TBL ranch and we're all proud of him.  Until next week...FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, AND DISCOMFORT ARE YOUR COMPASSES TOWARD GROWTH!!

-       Dolvett